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How to increase LIKES on a Facebook Page

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How to increase LIKES on a Facebook Page

I've launched several Facebook pages.  I have 1700+ friends on Facebook, at least 1500 of which I know in real life.  (I'm old and I've lived and worked in a lot of different places.) In addition, I'm well-respected so it's not like I'm a social piraya or anything.  Yet I can't seem to get LIKES above 400 no matter what I do.  Any secrets you want to share?  

Honored Contributor

Re: How to increase LIKES on a Facebook Page

Hi BJ,


I'd be happy to offer you some pointsers that might help increase your likes on your Facebook page.


  • Include links to your Facebook page in all of your email communications
  • Put these links/images near the top of your emails
  • Include links/images to your Facebook within your emails outside of Constant Contact
  • Run a Social Campaign on your Facebook Page
  • Direct people to the Social Campaign via email communication within us
  • If you have Twitter, direct people to like you on Facebook
  • Do a post on your personal Facebook page asking people to like your business page
  • Also, invite people from your friends list to like your Facebook page (I get these requests all the time from my friends)

Those are some great ways to increase your likes. Does anyone else have any qyas that they'd like to share?

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Re: How to increase LIKES on a Facebook Page

Apart from what being mentioned by Marissa, we can also adopt some more strategy as: • Periodically visiting fans and playing with them on their turf. • Join Facebook Interest groups and resonate well with the respective audiences. • You can also connect with other page and group mangers. • Post original, high quality, relevant content. • Get your personal profile page linked with business page. • Place your Facebook business page link on your blog posts.
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Re: How to increase LIKES on a Facebook Page

While the tips given here are indeed helpful, it's important to know that Facebook is not what it used to be. These days, with regard to marketing payoff, it's like beating a dead horse in my opinion. Much work for little gain. You're better off with Twitter and other more flexible platforms. 

Mike Donovan