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How to keep outguessing your competition by using Customer-Centric Marketing…

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How to keep outguessing your competition by using Customer-Centric Marketing…

Customer-Centric Marketing is the most visited page on my website. Presently, more companies see the value in learning more about their customers and purchasing history. Direct mail marketers are combining email and landing pages with their direct mail to capture customer information. Non-profit and cause marketing organizations are learning more about their donors, reacting to this data, and are therefore seeing an increase in fund raising.


What is CCM?

Customer-Centric Marketing is the type of marketing I’ve practiced my whole professional life. Early on in my career I learned that knowing more about customers, professionally and to some extent personally, I experienced marketing and sales success.


You will probably find a variety of definitions for Customer-Centric Marketing. For this post, I’ll use the one that is similar to the one on my website. Customer-Centric Marketing means to fulfill all the needs and wants of each customer with a desire to help them succeed, and doing it with a smile. If you want to experiment with the principles of customer-centric marketing, you need to focus on customer needs and learn the “how” from your customers.


The How

* Learn as much as you possibly can about customers. For example, how do they use your product or service? How do they make a purchase decision? Always be cautious of privacy issues.

 * Share your product and service features and benefits with your customers. Give customers more ideas on how to use your products. Consider the idea of becoming a solution provider, working closely with your customer to provide a special service or product that is very beneficial to them.

* Treat your customers with value added, no cost services.

* As you learn more about each customer, keep fulfilling their needs and wants exceeding their expectations – because a happy customer tells others.

* And when customers are happy, they give you testimonials. Testimonials are a great addition to your communications and sales team.


Here is a secret weapon to use with CCM

In 2009 I started experimenting with analytics and measurement of the effects of marketing using traditional and social media. I wanted to learn more about the behavior of customers and prospects.


First I decided to build three new websites. There is one for my publishing company (DMCM), another specifically for small business marketing communications and strategy (Marketing Communications Group), and a blog (MarketingDoc) to share my information and experience.


I then started to post and enter discussions on Linkedin, added a Facebook page, and joined Twitter. I started a blog here at the Constant Contact Community in February. I selected Google Analytics to provide me with the data I needed for analysis.


If you want to get a feel on what I accomplished the first six months of 2012, please visit this post. It’s a real life case study on how I created traffic, use content marketing cross-channel campaigns, provide relevant messages but the most important piece of information is being more creative with my marketing communications. Data fuels my idea process. 


Feel free to comment and predict my second half activities after reading the post. If you want to learn more let me know what you need.


Remember your customers should not be a mystery. Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers... cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.



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