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How to kick up the marketing and advertising performance for your product or service...

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How to kick up the marketing and advertising performance for your product or service...

and yes, even now in digital marketing.

It’s what we call the Customer Circle of Success(CCS) that can help you navigate the choppy waters of marketing.

Marketing is very subjective. What works one day on one prospect or customer, may not work with your marketing performance on the very next day.

Do you listen closely to your customers? Frequent communication with them may help your marketing and advertising success.54239731_original_C_mindsca.jpgHere are a few thoughts, budget friendly, to help you get the Customer Circle of Success ball rolling.

  1. What is important in small biz marketing (CCS) is consistency. A logo and brand image is important, so make sure they instantly say something about you and your company marketing team.
  2. Who is a good customer? What makes them a good customer? Build a customer profile to test in the next advertising opportunity. It may not be right the first time, but listen, test, and tweak your profile. If you are new to building customer profiles, test only one or two at a time until you feel comfortable with your built customer profiles.
  3. Relevancy in your marketing messages is critical. A potential customer can’t care less about your business. It's what your business can do for them. What do you offer that benefits them and their organization? Knowing this makes your messages more relevant to their needs and less of a chance to fall on deaf ears.
  4.  One and done makes a good basketball tournament rule, but not a marketing strategy. Use the all-encompassing 80/20 rule. Think that 80% of your target market doesn't care about your company. Of the 20% who show some compassion, 10% may think about what it can do for them. 10% of that may ask for a price or a proposal for you to bid on.

No matter how you look at the numbers, your takeaway is to remain in touch with the 20% who just may at some moment make a purchase. Look closely at your CCS to see the reason (s) they made a purchase.

That takes us back to consistency. Always stop, look and listen to your customers and prospects. When you take the time to listen, you learn a lot, so make any marketing changes and don't fear “assumptions.” They can and will surprise you.

Remember, the more contact with customers and prospects, increases the value of your Customer Circle of Success.

Being there when the need for your product or service is finally realized, is good marketing. It might just be the best circle you can put your arms around.

Let me know what you think.DMS-LOGOV3_Red.pngThe articles in each issue of Direct Marketing Success are ready to help you acquire new customers, and get your existing customers to buy more. Grab your copy today. 

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