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How to promote a blog

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How to promote a blog

Our small business' primary customer has been the government for 20+ years.  Under new ownership, and in an uncertain economy, we are working to develop the commercial B2B side of the business.  Over the years we have had few commercial clients, so we are basically starting from scratch.  It has been slow going and very resource intensive in terms of the investment of time and money.


We began offering our services to the local business community, joined the Chamber of Commerce, exhibited at a local B2B expo, revamped our website, began offering free webinars each month and started dabbling into social media, using LinkedIn and starting a blog.  We lauched this initiative in January, so we are starting our 8th month now.  We're starting to see more interest (emails and calls inquiring) in our services, but all the fish seem to get away.


An area of concern is the blog.  We try to post twice a week on topics that relate to our services, providing useful tips and information, but we don't have any readership.  All of the emails we send include a link to the blog.  I'm trying to determine whether the investment of time is worth continuing the blog.  We want to see it become successful, but need some ideas on how to make people aware of it, and see potential customers using it.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



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Re: How to promote a blog

Hi Phyllis,


I'm going to tweet this post out to see if we can get a response from the Twitterverse.




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Re: How to promote a blog

Hi Phyllis - As you said, it's like starting a new business. Plus, the economy may also be a factor.

Eight months is too short of a time to throw in the towel. You're seeing interest, but what are you offering to keep the person interested? The same thing can be said of your blog. In the B2B world it takes time for the seeds of interest to germinate.

I really need more information on the type of business and what is your target market.

If you would like a no obligation phone discussion please feel free to call or send me an email.

I post a blog on the community here at Constant Contact. Look over a few posts to give you a better feel of what I have to offer. A visit to my website will provide you with additional information.

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Re: How to promote a blog

Often one forgets how important it is to recipricate when it comes down to gaining popularity for blogs. If you want your blog to be noticed, you must interact with other blogs. Like, share and comment with others and they will, most likely, do the same for you.