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How to sharpen your copywriting…

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How to sharpen your copywriting…



hall-of-fame.pngand learn how direct marketers elaborate using the most important (fill in the blank) _________.


The Hall of Fame of Great Communication of Letters is filled with examples of effective sales letters – the pivotal component of almost every direct marketing and mail program. They also work well with email, websites, landing pages, digital marketing, and social media.


So, what can we gain by studying these great sales letters of all time?


Let’s see what they have in common.

Personalization.jpgSome of the best writers believe in setting the stage with a slow build up or by developing a logical argument and rationale.


However, the top-prize winners in the Hall of Fame almost always promise the most important benefit or payoff in the headline, opening sentence or first paragraph. This states exactly the offer and what the reader can gain from it. Think about it. It’s hard to go wrong by leading with your strongest and most important reader benefit.


Immediately following the opening paragraph, the Hall of Fame letter experts expand on the most important benefit expressed in the opening. This is critical. After all, a great opening need to be supported. So, these letters or any other marketing message, elaborate on the most important benefit before moving on to lessor claims.


Then, the experts tell their readers exactly what they are going to get. No questions are left unanswered. In fact, the copywriting that doesn’t make it to the Hall of Fame lack specifics on basic features – size, color, weight, sales term, and so on.


The copywriting experts always back their claims.

Hall of Fame copywriters understand that today’s prospects are inundated with messages and skeptical about advertising. So, these copywriters back their own statements with third party testimonials or in a list of satisfied customers. When they do, everything they say about the validity of their offer becomes more believable.Testimonials.png


Next, they address the issues of fear and lack. The writers tell their readers what they stand to lose if they don’t act now. Think about it. People don’t like to be left out. They don’t like to worry, so the Hall of Fame writers incorporate an understanding of the powerful influence of this human trait.


Before closing their copy, the experts summarize the primary benefits from their opening lines. The stronger the benefits, the more they know they can persuade a reader to respond and say. “Yes.”


Keep stirring stiring.jpgthe action.  

Finally, the Hall of Fame writers strive to kick up the action – to obtain a nearly instantaneous response. Experience writers, mailers and direct marketers know that once a letter is set aside for later consideration, they’re out of luck. The window of opportunity is closed. So, the experts always wind up with a call for action now – and a logical reason for their recipients to act immediately.


In this article, we talked about Hall of Fame writers and sales letters. Good copywriting is the key for convincing people to buy your product. Today, we have more channels of communication to reach more people. In the era of digital marketing we now reside in, good copy and using the techniques of direct marketing presented in this post, can win over a customer almost every, single time.



The fill in the blank answer in the subhead is -- your product and service benefits! Today, you are learning more about your customers. The customer data collected may be full of surprises, but none are better than a satisfied customer telling you!


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