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Huffington Post Article by Gail Goodman

Trusted Contributor

Huffington Post Article by Gail Goodman

Small Business Marketing: Grow Your Business the Easy Way -- Engage!


By Gail Goodman

"It's National Small Business Week, May 20 - 26 in the United States. Why celebrate small business? It's our economic engine. Small businesses create over two-thirds of net new jobs, and more than half of all working Americans either own or work for a small business..." 


This article Gail talks about Small Business Week, the reason she wrote Enagagement Marketing and some of the conversations with small business owners that inspired the book.


Happy Small Business Week!


:heart:Just because the "official" week is over, does not mean we should stop celebrating you! And we won't... hint at more to come!:heart:

Rosalind Morville