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I Can’t Help You

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I Can’t Help You

I Can’t Help You


I have several facets of my business that keeps me running all day, but the one thing that gets me up and moving each day is I know I will help Help Bubbles.pngbusiness owners, and those thinking about starting their business, through the use of presentations, workshops and one-on-one assistance and training.  Over time I’ve found my help only goes so far.  After that it is up to the individual to make things happen.  I can’t help you if you are not willing to do the work.  I know how to get you and/or your business to where it needs to be, but I can’t do the work for you.


My company has been blessed in that almost every business we’ve worked with has flourished in one way or another.  The best phone call I received was when a client told me to stop marketing their business.  We had brought in so much business they were overflowing and had run out of room in their restaurant.  We nailed it, and we do it over and over again.  We also show others how, but they first have to trust us.


Becoming a millionaire takes lots of time and all of your energy, but it is a great ride.  I remember a sign that read “Entrepreneurship is living a few years like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. How do you choose to live your life?


Live life to the fullest!  If sitting on the couch at night watching television is what you want to do, then I can’t help you.  I can’t help you get off the couch and motivated to live your life like most people won’t.  Heck, I can’t even help you get ready to spend the rest of your life like most people can’t because you’d rather watch an NCIS rerun or the newest The Voice show.  Don’t get me wrong, we all need downtime, but if I’ve just described your life, I can’t help you. Pick it up and start living life to the fullest! Go after what you want.


My intention in life is provide enough knowledge and experience to help others succeed, but I cannot convince you to help yourself.  Many people have taken my advice and become very Life Preserver.pngsuccessful. Others have returned home to their couch and remote control.  That’s not living life to its fullest because anyone can go home and sit on their couch with the remote every night. If you want more out of like you have to go get it.  So do you want help in your current or next venture?  Are you ready to be creative, work long hours and fight the good fights to become successful?  Then I can help you.


Constant Contact is a good example of a company that is willing to help you succeed.  All you have to do is suit up and show up.  They have more information on how to make money with their product than any business I’ve worked with, but you have to seek the information and guidance.  It is all there for the taking but you have to put the remote down for a few hours and get off the couch.  Constant Contact will show you the rest. They know how to help you grow your business.  All you have to do is ask. 


My company does a lot of helping others.  Once each month we do a social media presentation for SCORE, and every two months we do a social media presentation for Catholic Charities, the Small Business Administration’s Boots to Business program and during our “Marketing Social Media Icon board.pngYourself Through Social Media” workshop we teach transitioning military people how to use social media to market themselves.  We offer many opportunities for business owners who are ready to “turn off the television” and do what most people won’t so they can spend the rest of their life like most people can’t.


It’s all up to you.  We’re here to help you go and grow, but you have to make the effort. My company and I do presentations all over the United States either in person or a webinar and we’re available to do the same for you.  You are also cordially invited to take part in those events.






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Mike Bitter
Affordable Social Media, Inc.
(402) 216-8126
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