I'd Like to Report a UFO. In Fact, Several of Them.

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I'd Like to Report a UFO. In Fact, Several of Them.

Okay, I'm going to say it.  One of my campaigns just produced a 100% response rate for one of the major life insurance companies, a Fortune 500 company, just last month.  Tell that to any marketer and it's like saying you'd like to report a UFO sighting, because 100% response rates are supposed to be impossible.  And you must be crazy.


But wait.UFO sighting image 1.jpg


Not only did it happen, it's now the third time I've seen a 100% response rate to one of my campaigns.  Fortunately, I've been interviewing a number of top thought-leaders for my new book about breaking through to VIP prospects, and a few of them are also reporting 100% response rates to their campaigns.  So I'm not alone.


I should explain.  All of these have been low-volume "contact campaigns," aimed at breaking through to CEOs, c-level executives and company owners to set appointments.  These include:


UFO Report #1.  100% response:  Appointment-generation campaign for title insurance company.  This was one of my campaigns, a greeting card with handwritten outer envelope and message, featuring one of my cartoons, personalized to each recipient.  The client reported that, of the 1200 realtors targeted, every one of them agreed to an appointment.


UFO Report #2.  100% response:  CEO contact campaign for sales training company.   Another of my campaigns, we used a giant foam core postcard featuring one of my personalized cartoons on one side and a message from the sender to the target on the other, explaining why they should meet.  Sent to just a handful of Fortune 1000 CEOs, every one of them agreed to an appointment, two bought starter programs on the spot worth $50K.  So it not only produced a 100% response, it generated an 8,000% ROI from sales made during the initial meeting.


UFO Report #3.  100% response:  C-level contact campaign for insurance company.  This is the one that just happened last month.  Using the giant foam core postcard again, we targeted 30 financial planning company executives, including CEOs, presidents and owners.  Half were Fortune 100 companies.  100% responded and agreed to appointments.  Some took selfies with the contact pieces, others had them framed on their office walls.  ROI figures are spinning up as we speak, expected to hit the 100,000% mark or more.


UFO Report #4.  100% response:  C-level contact campaign for sales consultant.  In an interview last week, a nationally known and revered sales consultant reported a 100% hit rate with his contact package, sent to CEOs and c-level execs, comprised of a copy of his book with handwritten note and handwritten sleeve notes within the book.  Actually, this was reported several times by other sales book authors.


UFO Report #5.  100% response:  C-level contact campaign for turnaround specialist.  Without revealing his technique, one turnaround specialist developed a method for monitoring news reports to find turnaround candidates.  He then writes a handwritten letter specifically tailored to the CEO's situation, which is delivered with a certain battle implement from the Middle Ages.  He reports a 100% hit rate thus far.


UFO Report #6.  Honorable mention:  Builder/owner contact campaign for mortgage company.  This one didn't produce a 100% response rate.  But it did register a 60% response among 70 custom home builders, half of whom became regular referral sources to the mortgage banker, producing just over a million dollars in revenue.  Why the honorable mention?  Because the entire campaign cost $275, yielding an incredible 575,000% ROI.


So my big question is this:  Have you ever experienced or heard of a 100% response rate to a marketing, sales promotion or e-mail campaign?  If so, would you mind filling out your own UFO report in the comments section below?



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Stu Heinecke is a DMA Hall of Fame-nominated marketer, a The Wall Street Journal cartoonist, author of Drawing Attention and Big Fat Beautiful Head, and Founder and President of CartoonLink, a marketing service dedicated to bringing an unfair advantage to marketers through the magic of cartoons.  Would you like to double your open rates immediately?  Test Stu's "cartoon device" in your e-mail campaign for free.

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Re: I'd Like to Report a UFO. In Fact, Several of Them.

Since you did post this on the **Constant Contact** community boards, does ANY of it translate to suggestions for email marketing ?

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