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I send out an 8-12 page newsletter monthly - break it down further?

CTCT Employee

I send out an 8-12 page newsletter monthly - break it down further?

Here is a good question a nonprofit had in yesterday's Constant Contact webinar - Nonprofit Newsletters That Engage. If you missed the webinar, you can see all of the upcoming sessions and register here.


I send out an 8-12 page letter monthly. If I break it down further, at what point am I just inundating them? (A lot of the info is state medical regulation changes, not something I control the flow of.)


Monthly is typically a good frequency because it allows your organization to stay top of mind with your supporters, you don’t have to create content too often, and your supporters won’t feel inundated by too many emails. If your newsletter is 8 pages of content that you know your audience will be interested in or that you have to include, there are ways you can design your newsletter to still include all of that content but keep it short. People are taking an average of 51 seconds reading a newsletter so keeping it short is important. For each topic in your newsletter just include an introduction or brief summary of what you want to say, and then include a link for them to read the rest. That link can go to the rest of that content you store on a page of your website, on your Facebook page, a document stored in Constant Contact or Google Docs, etc. That way supporters can quickly navigate your newsletter and get more information on each topic if they want. A great bonus of adding links into your newsletter is they are trackable. In your clicks report you will know how many people are interested in each topic and who they are.

Caroline Shahar