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If at times you feel your business struggling…

Contributing Solution Provider

If at times you feel your business struggling…

The major mistake –– the worst one of all (in my opinion) –– is that companies simply don’t market as well, or as wisely, or as often as they should. In addition, most need an overhaul on their customer service and their own contact list and segmentation building.


They know what to do. They just don’t do it. In other words, they don’t implement very well or efficiently. This isn’t their fault. It’s an inherent problem within the small business industry. That is…

Most owners are so busy helping sales, HR, accounts receivable, accounts payable, customers, prospects, advertising and reacting to one hellish deadline after the next; they simply don’t have time or resources to plan strategically or to deploy their own “meaningful” marketing.

That’s the real problem, isn’t it? Most companies are too busy to do get this critical job done…

And to get it done well or efficiently.


So, when you look toward business development and growth, think marketing. Then realize in order for marketing to work for you and your company, it must function with consistency and is meaningful. For example, consistency and meaningful in:


  • Customer service
  • The selling and sales process
  • Information leadership
  • Promotions
  • Lead generation
  • New “customer” package
  • Employee education
  • Website communications
  • Image and awareness
  • Brand reinforcement, and so on.


DMS_Summer_07_Rev4_Page_3_Image_0002.jpgDon't just say it, do it with meaning. Meaning as what is in it for your prospects and customers. And, to make sure they know you mean it.


The other culprit that lies in the background is change. Change is difficult for most people to react to. It’s the main reason for the “head in the sand syndrome.”

But, fear not. There are some very excellent solutions and resources at your fingertips that can help automate or streamline the process.

These solution providers at the Constant Contact Community do an outstanding job when it comes to taking the monkey off the backs of companies who are wise enough to know they need to be marketing –– and who know that in order to get the job done, they need help from talented people on the outside.


Like me, the MarketingDoc, for instance. Or anyone else in this community.

Please call me at 800-251-3608. In addition to your marketing, ask me how to become a marketing solution provider for your clients and customers. Once introduced, you will truly see how amazing it is for customer satisfaction.

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