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Im new and kind of nervous

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Im new and kind of nervous


Im new to CC. I own a small member based business. Ive created 2 newsletters for two separate lists and 4 auto responders and a handfull of surveys and polls. I really love this company and I happy to be a part of it! But Im not gonna lie, im kind of freaking out. My 2 newsletters have been sent today.. Im so nervous about the outcome.


Where you nervous the first time? How did you deal with opt-outs and negative feedback? I need some tips and advice. I dont want to become obsessed with checking the staus every five minutes 😕


Thanks for your help :smileyface: 


Beth K.

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Re: Im new and kind of nervous



Welcome aboard.  If you're not nervous when you hit send you're not alive.


Here are some basic suggestions.


Proof Read

Spell Check

Proof Read out loud

Send to multiple email clients.

Look for formatting errors or alignment issues.






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Tony Schaefer
Constant Contact Solution Provider and SMS Marketing Specialist

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Re: Im new and kind of nervous

Hi Beth


I'm brand new in here, too, but not to IM in general. I have been kicking around since 1993.


As the other posters said, it is only natural to be nervous. But what are you nervous about? This is the key.


Are you nervous about the content you have written and put out, or are you nervous about the reaction you are going to get from your subscribers - assuming they are all opt-in?


If they are all opt-ins, then you should only be concerned about the content of your newsletter.  After your first blast, if you get lots of unsubscribes and people are fleeing your membership in droves :smileyhappy: then that will be telling you that many of them didn't like what you sent them.


If you do get some unsubscribers, just send them a quick polite note saying you are sorry to see them go etc. Then invite them back in, say, 3 months with a bunch of free gifts.


Whichever way you go, Beth, you are always going to get the moaners and groaners. You cannot please everyone, nor should you try too. Don't forget, if you INVITE feedback, you are going to get it, right?


But whatever happens, treat everyone the same in a polite and decent way. If someone starts shouting at you in feedback etc., do not be tempted to respond in kind.


Looking at your message again, I'm not too sure if I am on the right track with my reply, but it might help anyway.





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Re: Im new and kind of nervous

Well, it wasnt a total flop. My main objective was to get it out there that I would be sending out a newsletter and my second was to drive people to my facebook page which worked well..


I only had 1 response to each of my 2 surveys :frown:  But at least they were good responses which really helped me with my new newsletter for March!


I only got a few opt-outs and none were current members only prospective members who never joined my club, so thats good... i guess


This month my newsletter is packed with info, links and club news. As well as surveys asking for submissions which i will feature in upcoming newsletters and one asking about people's interest in workshops, seminars and classes.. cross your fingers!!


But, I am having a hard time getting my facebook fans to "Join My List." Im reminding them everyday for a month now (ive been funny, subtle, straight forward, excited etc.....) I got one person to join the mailing list "organically" lol thats pathetic

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Re: Im new and kind of nervous

I was very nervous my first time but after you do a few you really get the hang of it... Now, I'm even changing the HTML code to suit my custom needs... Always send yourself a test mail before you send it out... Try and find 5 mistakes, re-send and try to find 5 more until you find none... And don't worry about people not joining your social media groups yet... Just keep putting clever info out to the ones who have not opted out plus any newcomers you find along the way... You may want to join a stock photography site to have access to better images b/c images really is what draws people in...


Good luck