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Inbound versus outbound marketing... it’s not a fad, so here here’s how to get started.

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Inbound versus outbound marketing... it’s not a fad, so here here’s how to get started.

You need both in the mix for better engagement.A_ProgressionOfMany.jpg

Here is a multiple-choice question for you. How much time does it take your company to see results from your business engagements? Use the following timeline and select 1, 2, or 3.


  1. In the late 19th century, the flow of the Chicago River was reversed to meet the needs of the growing City of Chicago located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Eight years.
  2. MT. Rushmore is a 5,725-foot mountain, found in western South Dakota, composed mostly of granite, and carved with the faces of four US Presidents. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. Fifteen years.
  3. Is this a trick question?

Seriously, these majestic accomplishments were not completed over night. The point is, they were completed and not thrown in the "I'll get around to it file.

Plus, if the Chicago River was reversed in the 1890’s, you can surely reverse some of your outbound marketing to inbound. Here a few ideas to spark some innovation in marketing.

I present this list of questions for you to think about and answer to assess your present marketing's performance. The answers you provide to the questions below will enable you to think about the strategy and the tactics you'll need to square up your marketing. One thing I can ensure, you'll need a lot less time than carving a mountain or reversing the flow of a river.


1). Before you start, create a goal or two you want this exercise to accomplish. For comparison, the Chicago River goal was to reverse the river flow and Mt. Rushmore was carved to provide the images of four presidents.

2). Do you find you’re still searching for a better way to reach your target market? Do you know what your target market consists of? Do you realize that a target market can change today even more quickly than ever before?

3). Do you use email without a co-communication channel, such as direct mail or a website, and consistently complain about a poor response rate and lower sales?

4). When is the last time you updated your customer profiles? Do you know customer profiles are a good starting point for segmentation?

5). One of the basic attributes in direct marketing is to test your marketing tactics before a program is launched. Everyone knows that. Right?

6). The last time I looked at Google Analytics it was reasonably priced. By reasonably, I mean it’s still free, or are you waiting for the next upgrade?

7). The one statement I hear from many small businesses is they cannot afford a marketing automation platform. Must I remind everyone once again that purchasing a customer-contact management software or using the one with Constant Contact's email program will work extremely well if it’s used daily and considered an investment for the company?

8). If your customer-contact management system was last updated in the fall of 2014, so you are not using it as an investment. A customer-contact management system pays like a blue-chip stock with high dividends. Even when it is returning the response in double digits? Of course, it does.

9.)  If landing pages, call-to-action and unique offers are missing-in-action on your company website, you are seriously behind the times. It’s no longer a fad, so what are you waiting for?


Companies today need to tweak their marketing periodically to make sure it is running on all eight cylinders. This is especially true when change occurs at record speed and customers moving on to another form of a company's competition.


Rethink how you spend your marketing dollars. Facebook and other social media channels can be leveraged with outbound marketing. Would you like to increase your marketing revenue? If you want to move marketing from an expense to an investment for the future, it’s time for you to take a good hard, look combing inbound and outbound marketing together.


Thanks for reading and please share. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section or send an email to




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