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Increase Your Email Open Rate by 30% with this Quick Tip

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Increase Your Email Open Rate by 30% with this Quick Tip

QuickSendCover.jpgAre you struggling to reach your audience? Do you feel like you have a respectable email open rate, but your message is still not getting through?


This simple tactic takes only 2 minutes and can increase the reach of your message by an additional 30%. What is it? Resending your email to those on your list who did not open the email the first time.


I use this strategy for all my important emails. Not necessarily every email campaign I send but if I have a big event announcement or some really juicy content I’m sharing.


If you have 1000 email subscribers and you average a 25% open rate, then 250 people opened your last email. You know what else that means? 750 people did NOT open your last email.


We want to give them another opportunity to see the great content you are sharing without badgering those subscribers who did open your message. And to help increase our chances, we’ll also change the email subject line and send it 4-7 days later.


If we resend this email to those 750 people and assume a conservative 10% open rate, that is 75 more opens, and that means that 325 total subscribers saw your important message. Is that worth a few moments of your time?


Do you have a bigger list? 5,000 or 10,000 subscribers? Imagine the impact of this 30% bump in opens.


It makes sense, right? And it’s so easy to do.


I love this feature of Constant Contact. I’ve included a screenshot from within Constant Contact along with step by step instructions. You can also scroll down to link to a video tutorial on my blog.


  1. We need an email campaign.
    1. Choose the email you want to resend.
    2. Make a copy of the email.
    3. Change the subject of the email. Let’s try something a little snappier if possible. Remember, 75% of your list did not respond to your original subject line.
    4. Send the new email to your Test list. (Sidebar: Your Test list should be a list that includes at least your email and maybe some other stakeholders like employees.). It is important to note that this email must be SENT and not remain a Draft.
  2. Finding those Did Not Opens.
    1. Go to Reports.
    2. Click on the Opens for the original email campaign.
    3. On the left, click on Did Not Open.
    4. Now you see a list of all those who did not open your email. Select all the address by choosing the checkbox at the top.
    5. Now, choose More Actions > QuickSend. You will see the names of the last five email campaigns you sent. The revised email you just sent to your Test list should be at the top, select it. QuickSendImage2.png
  3. Send the email. It’s important to note that at this time, you cannot schedule this email. It will be sent immediately upon clicking Send.

Alternatively, if you wanted to schedule this email you can repeat the steps above and instead of choosing QuickSend in step 2e, save the contacts to a new list that you can use to schedule the email.


Have you sent an important email message in the last few weeks? I want you to go try this now and let me know your results in the comments below.


For a short 2-minute video tutorial on this tactic within Constant Contact, head on over to my small business marketing blog post: Increase Your Email Open Rate.


And if you are a Constant Contact user and want more tips like these, consider enrolling in my VIP program to gain access to my Email Marketing Workbook resource library.


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Re: Increase Your Email Open Rate by 30% with this Quick Tip

This is a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing!