Innovate or Die


Innovate or Die

innovateMake 2016 your year.


If you’re looking for a post about how you should innovate in your business, this is not it. That answer will come from within you. It’s simple though. Innovate and progress your business to new heights in the new year. Be stagnant and begin your demise.


How will you change the face of your business? Will you develop some new process or product? Maybe you’ll revamp the way to market your business, add a layer of technology or how your employees work with customers. Innovation can be more than a technical advance, it can be a new way of handling even the most minute or mundane aspects of a company.


There’s a saying I’ve heard many times and it is very true. I hear it from startup businesses all the time. Find the stodgiest of industries and introduce a disruptive force. Most people mean an app or technology when they mention disruption. That’s because it’s en vogue. Innovation and disruption can be based on anything. In fact, the easiest way to innovate in your company is to look at parallel industries or cities far away with companies doing the same work as you. Use the power of the internet and start researching, today.


This is your business. Innovate or die.

Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.