Integrating Email into your Marketing Strategy

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Integrating Email into your Marketing Strategy

Integrating Email into your Marketing Strategy

By Javed S. Khan


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Email is one of the most direct channels of communication and this is in thanks to its familiarity, flexibility, and universality. There are about over 144 billion emails sent each day, and there is no question that email is one of the most effective ways to grow your contacts.


According to Nielsen email is one of the most effective methods of mobilizing contacts. Email marketing has had a long track run of being an effective marketing tactic and remains to be one of the elite mediums for businesses to communicate.


I thought I’d focus on how you can integrate a strong, smart and effective email marketing strategy and how marketing efforts will become more successful.


Integration of Social Media

Now usually when people are talking about email marketing strategies, it usually revolves around improving click-rates or open-rates. However, one of the most booming marketing strategies on the market today, is social media.

Social media has become one of the most commonly used methods of communication and roughly around 58% of the world’s population use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. But a lot of people still think social media is just time waster and somewhere to see pictures of their friends. But it has also led itself to being an effective tool for businesses to run successful marketing campaigns.

So what does any of this have to do with email marketing?


Studies show that email marketing strategies that use social media in some capacity lead to greater results and luckily integrating social media into an email marketing strategy is quite simple. There are many things you can do with social media that will help you effectively roll out your strategy. Here are just a few things social media tactics you can use to get started:


Add Social Share Option to your emails

Adding social media sharing and follow buttons to your email marketing campaigns will extend the reach of your email sends beyond the recipients in your email community, expanding the visibility of your content and your overall brand experience. Over time, this can increase the opportunity that you generate some net new leads.


Email & Mobile Optimization
The way recipients receive and engage with your email marketing campaign has changed.
According to Litmus, 48% of all emails are already opened on mobile devices and 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Despite these compelling stats, only 11% of emails are optimized for mobile (Equinox)


So how can you make your email marketing mobile friendly?

  • Test your email templates to see how they come across various mobile devices. Our friends at Constant Contact have a ton of “mobile friendly” templates to choose from.
  • Give your Calls to Action (CTA) some room to breathe. Incorporate creative buttons over links as they are easier for recipients viewing your campaign on a mobile device.
  • Incorporate the “ALT TEXT” rule by incorporating descriptive text under your images / logos in case they don’t display well.       In the Constant Contact console, you have an opportunity to view your campaign “without images”, showing you what your campaign looks like if your images were not to download.


Promote Email Marketing on Your Blog

So, why would someone like you want to use a blog? Well simply, blogs are a great way of providing relevant, interesting and some cases entertaining content which should ideally attract new subscribers.

If people like the content you put on your blog, there is a good chance that they will to subscribe to your blog. Now the question still at hand is how can this be used as a part of my email marketing strategy?


Well the great thing about blogs is that once someone subscribers to your blog they then have the option to subscribe to it via email. By subscribing via email, this means every time you produce new content on your blog they will find it in their email inbox. The more subscribers you can get on your blog, the more potential you will get of generating more subscribers to your email list. Plus, you can also use your another social media outlets to get the word out about your blog which will benefit you from getting more traffic.


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About Javed S. Khan

Known as the Small Business “Chief Marketing Officer”, Javed S. Khan brings 20 years of corporate experience and 7+ years of successful small business ownership.

He is an accomplished & engaging speaker, voice over talent, and an Accredited Authorized Local Expert for Boston based software firm, Constant Contact.


He’s been a featured presenter at various professional association conferences, workshops, webinars, media outlets, and a regular session host across many Ontario Chambers of Commerce. He is consistently the highest ranked presenter of the day and for that reason, is being asked back by groups to deliver member value content through his educational sessions.

To date, he has presented to over 7,200 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals teaching the latest marketing trends & best practices.


Javed is also the President of EMpression: A Marketing Services Company; an advisory based full marketing services company focusing on the small to medium size business entrepreneur.


Javed S. Khan
Chief Business Marketing Advisor
EMpression: A Marketing Services Company

T: 416-889-6069
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