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Introduction--Marsha Clements, Professional Artist

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Introduction--Marsha Clements, Professional Artist

Hi, I'm Marsha Clements, a professional artist. I have been painting pretty much all my life--but  I have had other careers. I was in education as a teacher for 21 years and as a consultant doing staff development for schools for about 15 years. I have owned a dress shop and a barter business, but now I am focusing my energy on my art. I am an oil painter and paint a variety of subjects from florals to landscapes to portraits. I paint a moment in time. I don't actually do portraits, but more of a slice of life. I like painting a variety of subjects and love doing that--I don't get bored. 


I am using constant contact to email art lovers and patrons. It is my main method of marketing, along with Facebook and Twitter, and Linkedin.  Any advice? 

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Re: Introduction--Marsha Clements, Professional Artist

Hi Marsha!


You have had a great career!  It's great to see it come full circle back to what you love doing!  I would love to see your paintings! Do you include them in your email newsletters?  Are you incorporating Social Media into your emails and then sharing them on the Social Networks with our Simple Share?  Please share your marketing on social media in our Social Media board to help our other Community Users!


Thanks for introducing yourself!  Have a great holiday weekend!