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Is Your Newsletter Newsworthy?

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Is Your Newsletter Newsworthy?

Extra, extra, read all about it!


The appearance

Unlike a paper newsletter, an email newsletter is an exercise in brevity, graphic skill and messaging.

    • From and Subject lines - Identify your company and benefit to reading the email.
    • Branding - Ensure a consistent look and feel with your company's other marketing communications.
    • Graphics - Balance space, text and images for eye-appeal and ease of reading.
    • Keep it short
    • Consistency - Timing, structure and layout need to be consistent in all messages.
    • Preview pane - Optimize for preview panes and above-the-fold.
    • Standard elements - Contact information, email and web links, company description.
The content
Your goals drive the content.  Depending on what you want the newsletter to achieve, your content must be of interest to the reader and then lead them to action.
Some examples:
  • non-profit might want to educate its donors about how funds are used by the organization with an invitation to visit the website for more information.  The website then has a link for an online donation.
  • retailer might want to invite customers to an in-store presentation by a manufacturer.  The email could describe the qualities of the product and include an RSVP link to the event.  The event becomes a sales opportunity.
  • landscaper might want to share knowledge on how to care for plants in the winter with an offer to review customers' current plantings by calling to set up a consultation.  The consultation then leads to a sale.
When the email newsletter is brief, consistent, graphically pleasing and has valuable content, it becomes a welcome message by readers and an effective tool for you to stay in touch with your customers.
Here are samples of newsletters with effective content.
David Fischer
Solutions for Growth
Master Certified Solution Provider
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Re: Is Your Newsletter Newsworthy?


I am Event Planner in Los Angles and we run our operations in Beverly Hills, CA. I am very new to Marketing but Found it to be useful in increasing our awarness which brings the respect needed when I am communicating to others in this industry. 


I am new to Constact Contact now, recently I was with a marketing group its has some advantage that their e-mail were mobile friends, here I suffer a 6% decrease anyways, I am Mr Bright. 


So I have an issue,  I was wondering if I am in good standing... Tuesday Our Promoter has a Guest List at Tuesday Night Club So Usually I will add their event Flyer with the expection of giving an annoucnment to our Followers about Friday Night Confidential. 


Monday I will send a Newsletter that will cover Tuesday Event and Special Annoucement For Fridays


and on Thursday I will send an Another Newsletter cover Friday Event and Satuday Special


I will send the newsletter out around 11am-2pm I find out to be the best times


I want to try the 3am- to see my results


Now I read your blog could you proview my Newsletters:


World's Flyest E-Invites| Special Event "Tyga" at Supper Club Tonight Join Us|#WeGotYou 


I send this out usually Monday to cover ( tuesdays Event) and Thursday I will send this out


World's Flyest E-Invites| TONIGHT! TONIGHT!! TONIGHT!! MTV VMA After Party Line Up Join Us|#WeGotYou 


I sent this Two later 


I think the VMA saved me a bit...

Participating Solution Provider

Re: Is Your Newsletter Newsworthy?

Mr. Bright,


Thank you for your comment.  I reviewed your 2 newsletters and have several comments about them that would help you improve results.  The best way to share this information is on a call.  Please email me at with you phone number and best time to reach you and I'll be happy to call you.  I look forward to hearing from you.


David Fischer

David Fischer
Solutions for Growth
Master Certified Solution Provider