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Is Your Server Safer Than the Cloud? You May Want to Take Another Look.

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Is Your Server Safer Than the Cloud? You May Want to Take Another Look.



"My server is safer than the cloud." "I feel safer with it in my house", "no one knows about it" or my favored "I've never had problem before so why change it now". There are many, many more reasons we give ourselves for keeping our own server. Well, here's a few reasons why you may want to take another look.


Since the advent of PCs and the internet, cybercrime has become a real concern and is only growing and that concern is growing. In 2007, alone, US-CERT received ~12,000 cyberincident reports and, according to new statistics from the Government Accountability Office (PDF), those incidents have more than doubled by 2009 and has grown four times that by 2012, showing an alarm pattern. Today, BP says it suffers 50,000 attempts of cyberintrusion per day and, as secure as we think the Pentagon is, they report 10 million attempts daily. The National Nuclear Security Administration records 10 million hacks/day and the UK reports 120,000 cyberincidents/day. Many states are dealing with the same alarming issue. Utah received  20 million attempts a day which is up from 1 million/day two years ago and is almost as many as the state of Michigan deals with. (From BTW, when was the last time you patched your server?


Aside from the software side of the system security, there is the physical side. Ask yourselves - how many times have we watched the news and seen families who lives were devastated with homes and businesses lost from disasters like earthquakes, floods, fire, tornados, and hurricanes? Maybe you are saying to yourself, "I'm not in one of these zones" or "that will never happen to me". With the changing weather patterns and earth anomalies, living in a zone not known for nature disasters, doesn't mean you are immune. Case in point: Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and the tornado that touched down in MD. Damage of these sort leads to businesses, organizations, and individuals losing their data like reports, client files, and financial information… saved on in-house servers. What will happen to that important client's file that Is due in two days or all the data that you use on a daily basis? It could cost you thousands or even millions.


Getting the picture? Cybercrime is a real concern and it is only growing and none of us are not immune to nature disasters. Do you have a disaster, backup, and redundancy plan being executed and enforced in case disaster strikes? How much would be lost if any of this happened to you? How long would it take you to recover? Could you recover?


Ok, ok, stay calm. I am not trying to freak you out but I want you to face reality: in most cases, the "cloud", especially Microsoft's cloud, is safer and more reliable. Microsoft holds the data and trust of many major companies and government agencies as well as SMB. But you don't have to take my word on it. The proof is in the pudding…You May Want to Take Another Look.


If you go to, you can read all about Microsoft's compliance, security, privacy and transparency measures. Namely, the following:

Built-in security

  • Service-level security through defense-in-depth
  • Customer controls within the service
  • Security hardening and operational best practices

Privacy by design

  • Your data is not used for advertising
  • You have extensive privacy controls
  • You can take your data with you when you want

Continuous compliance

  • Proactive processes to meet your compliance needs
  • Customer controls for organizational compliance
  • Independently verified to meet evolving standards

Transparent operations

  • You know where your data resides and who has access
  • Visibility into availability and changes to the service
  • Financially backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime


So what are you waiting for? Move to the cloud and, not only, save money but, also, BE SECURE!


Need help or need to talk this through more? We understand. Reach out to us and we will happily answer your questions.

Peace and Blessings,
Nikkia T. Carter, MCPS, MS, CTT
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