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Is there a way to merge my personal Facebook page to an organization page?

CTCT Employee

Is there a way to merge my personal Facebook page to an organization page?

Constant Contact held an information packed webinar yesterday for nonprofits called "How to Easily Gather and Use Online Supporter Feedback." This was a good question that came up so wanted to share with all of the nonprofits on Constant Contact's Community...


I set up a FB page linked to my personal account which was the only way you could do a couple years ago.  Is there an easy way to create the newer FB page and merge with my older one?

Yes you can! This spring, Facebook launched a migration tool that allows you to convert your profile into a page. You can find the tool here. Mashable wrote about the new process back in March. Some things to keep in mind as you consider the migration: Facebook does prefer that business and organizations create a page and not a personal profile. It has disabled personal profile accounts that were created for businesses. Also, the migration process does not move over all of your content. It only moves your profile photos and friends to the new page. Everything else will have to be added again, including photo albums, applications and any content you wanted to have on your wall. The username may or may not transfer over in the process. If you have created a custom URL for your profile that could be considered “used” and you may have to come up with a new one. If you’re going to migrate, make sure you save any information that won’t be moved over – make sure you know where the original files for your multimedia content are stored, copy and paste any notes that you want to re-post, and just copy anything you want to bring to the new page in a Microsoft Word document so you can easily cut and paste.


If you’re still unsure about moving over to a page, consider the benefits. You can track the interactions with your followers by using Facebook’s Insights analytics tool. You can also add custom tabs or apps to the page to increase interrest and engagement.

Caroline Shahar