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Is there any guideline for use of color?

CTCT Employee

Is there any guideline for use of color?

Here is a question from a nonprofit in Constant Contact's webinar - Nonprofit Newsletters That Engage... 


Is there any guideline for use of color?  I am not crazy about what we use currently.


Pick from colors that go with your brand/logo. Have a consistent look and feel to your newsletter is really important – your logo and brand colors in your newsletter helps supporters quickly know that email is coming from an organization they know without having to read. It’s a good way to separate yourself from all of the spam out there. Which colors you choose from your brand are up to you. There is a free tool – ColorCop – that will help you easily get the code for your brand colors and add them into any Constant Contact email wherever you want them to go. Make sure when you make the change that all staff members are on board. Change the colors in your newsletter once and then keep them consistent so you have the recognizable look and feel. You could even announce in a prior newsletter that your next issue will have a new look.


Caroline Shahar