Is your Nonprofit Eligible for a Google Grant?

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Is your Nonprofit Eligible for a Google Grant?

Did you know that Google offers Ad Grants for Nonprofits? They will give you $10,000 to use on AdWords and later you can request an increase to $40,000. In the Infographic below it shows that 97% of funds go unused every year! That's a lot of money that could help your Nonprofit receive the reach that it needs for advertising!  This Infographic that I found by doing a search on Pinterest for Nonprofit really surprised me with some of the information that it shared. One piece was that only 26% of Americans volunteered in 2010, but that those volunteer hours equalled out to 15 billion hours! Check out some of the other fine points in the Infographic below and click here to find out how you can apply for a Google AdWord Grant!


Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for a Google for nonprofits Google Grant.jpg



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