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Is your Social Strategy Proactive, Reactive or Both?

CTCT Employee

Is your Social Strategy Proactive, Reactive or Both?

So what kind of Social Strategy do you have currently?  Are you reactive, meaning that you are responding to a situation or are you practice, meaning that you are creating a situation?  Your answer should be both.  A recent post on the Simply Measured Blog talks about "Why You Need Both a Proactive and Reactive Social Media Strategy."  


First, let's go over a couple of examples: 

  • Proactive - Creating content and launching campaigns, like promoting your latest Blog post. 
  • Reactive - Using real-time reactions, like offering help when someone has a question. 

The article talks about 6 activities and whether they are Proactive or Reactive, like interacting with your audience, newsjacking,and content planning.  Take a look here to see all the activities.  


So tell us, what types of situations are reactive or proactive to?