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Issues To Address In Your Nonprofit's Social Media Policy


Issues To Address In Your Nonprofit's Social Media Policy

TNPT.jpgThere is a ton of information online and we know you don’t have the time to sort it all out. The NonProfit Times shared


1. Copyright and trademark infringement. Make sure all the content you share is content you have permission to use.

2. Fundraising and foreign state registration requirements. Depending on the state you're located in; your organization might need to be       registered in multiple states in order to solicit there.

3. Event and foreign state qualifications for doing business. Your organization might need to file with the secretary of state or other state business agency in each state in which it is doing business.

4. Volunteers or supporters. Your organization is responsible for the actions of its volunteers and agents.

5. Supervision of the agents or supporters. Make sure everyone involved in your organization is not using your social media sites to misrepresent your work.

6. Advocacy and rules regarding lobbying or political activities. Did you know that even “liking” any political candidate on social media can jeopardize your 501(c)(3) status?

7. Collaborations with other organizations. Take time to understand your legal commitments and potential liabilities when partnering with anyone.

8. Ownership of social media accounts. Understand who owns the rights to your social media accounts.

9. Employee use of social media. It takes more than common sense to know your rights as an employer.

10. Violations of policies. These should be more than rules.


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