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It's all about the Customer Experience


It's all about the Customer Experience

If you treat your customers right, they will come back again.  I am sure you have heard some variation of this multiple times.  It's time to take a look at how your customer experience is, and if it is good enough to keep your audience coming back for more.  


Have you ever been to a Lush store?  If you haven't I suggest that you stop in on your next stop to the mall, if your mall is lucky enough to have one.  I ask because their customer experience is amazing.  They have more than enough people working at once so that there is someone at the register to make sure that purchases are going smoothly and workers walking around their store offering help.  Now, let me tell you, Lush store are normally not huge, they are small.  Whenever I have gone there, I have seen at least 3-4 workers at once, even for slow days.  They have employees available so that if a customer has a question, they are not waiting to get an answer.  Obviously their job is to try to sell you on their products, but they do a good job of it.  By offering to sample almost all of their products, take samples home, and explain how to use everything within the store, they offer an experience that you cannot get at most other stores.  


Now, think about your customer experience.  Do you have employees available to answer questions? If you do not have a budget for multiple employees, that is ok. Think about "How To" signs, ingredient lists, or educational posters throughout the store (online or brick and mortar).  Not sure what kind of signage to put up?  Think about the top questions that you get from customers.  Those are the topics you should be addressing.  

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