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Jokin’ ‘Bout Jargon: The Lighter Side of Nonprofit Marketing

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I'm not a nonprofit nor have I have ever had to apply for a grant for one.  I've never even written a newsletter for one.  But you have.  And according to Claire Meyerhoff, I guess the wording is very bland.  Everyone says the same things over and over again.  How do you spice things up?


Enter the Jargon Generator!


She left us with some funny translations but here are a couple of mine:


Engagement: build to scale transparent e-activism

Creative Marketing: document validated community-building

Achievable Success: refocus organizational civic engagement


Hopefully, you will get as much of a kick out of this generator! Who knows, maybe your next newsletter or grant will have some of these fun jargon in it!


To read Claire's full post check out "Jokin' Bout Jargon: The Lighter Side of Nonprofit Marketing"


Do me a favor!  Put some of your overused phrases in that generator and share with us what it changes it to! I think we'd all love it!