July Book of the Month: The Social Media Survival Guide for Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations


July Book of the Month: The Social Media Survival Guide for Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations

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Overall: Moderately recommend. Good detail for the beginner.

Audience: Non-Profits and Charities

Technical Skill level: Low

Time commitment: High


In this book, published just this summer, Sherrie A. Madia builds upon her Feb. 2010 edition of The Social Media Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Business Exponentially with Social Media by narrowing in on the benefits of social media for non-profits and charitable organizations. While this edition delivers similar findings on the benefits of social media overall, here Madia focuses on how these tools can be used specifically to enhance fundraising and improve the donor lifecycle – without detracting from what’s already working for the group.


In Chapter 2, the risks are outlined… in detail… and the questions a non-profit should consider before engaging in social media are asked: the most important being “are your potential donors using social media tools and if so, which ones?”


If you already know where your prospective donors are, I’d suggest skipping to Chapter 5 and working your way through the Fundraising Toolkit.  Then, jump to the chapter on engagement (Chapter7) which has some great examples of organizations that are using social media well. 


Overall, if you are new to social media, this book can give you a good starting point and when I initially started reading it would have probably said it was worth the investment… however, I would now say a better first step is to visit the FREE Social Media Quickstarter site before you pay for anything! Many of the lessons learned in this book are also here.  If you are looking for a few examples from the book these are the ones I found most interesting:


Effective Fundraising with Facebook Causes


Nonprofits discover power of social media fundraising


Nonprofit Social Media Primer


If you like text books, this is a good one to add to your collection.  However, if you are looking to get involved in the online world, most of the lessons found in this book have been blogged about in detail.  If you have time, Google it!

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