Just Because You Can, Should You?

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Just Because You Can, Should You?

marketing and strategy.jpgJust because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  


I belong to a great group, formed after I attended a mastermind session with several business owners who tabled the instinct to compete, and instead gathered with the goal to help. It is an amazing group of people that give honest opinions, no matter how bad they are.  And I really enjoy it.


On October 30, 2014, the night before Halloween, one member posted a thought--not really a question, not really an idea, that since they were redesigning their business cards, and had a lot of their old cards left, they were going to tape one to every candy bar (the big ones) that they give out for Halloween.  They claim they get between 300 and 500 trick-or-treaters, and wait for them on the driveway until 9pm.  So why wouldn’t they?


Marketing today is about trust.  And building that trust takes time, often months, and maybe even years.  We build up this trust by helping, by offering our advice, insight and expertise to our potential audience, with no expectations of return on that investment.  We provide information and articles that may assist any one of the members of our network.  Many of you write informational articles for your potential audience (as do I), and we work to make ourselves useful and, in the end, the one they call for help.  But today’s consumer is savvy.  We no longer believe companies that tout their own products and services.  It is our network that we look to.  When I need to purchase a product or service, I look to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and ask my trusted network their input.  


And, when we are working to build that trust, we need to take into account our audience -- their location, their needs and their expectations.  Not all of our content and services are applicable to all of our audience.  Do you work only on the East Coast?  Then marketing to other areas doesn’t make sense.  Do you only handle email marketing?  Then don’t speak to social marketing or website design.  Your audience matters. You don’t market cars to kids, just as I don’t think that you market vacations to kids.  You always need to be thinking about your audience and whether they can or will use your services.


So, is Halloween a bonanza for marketing?  If you are the Mars company, yes, I think it is.  But should it be for those of us whose business is not Halloween related?  I’m not so sure.  Everything our company does is a reflection of who we are and what we are about.  So, what is your company about?  Maybe Halloween should be kept for the kids.


When thinking about your marketing and your messaging, don’t do something because you can.  Everything you do should have your audience and a goal in mind.


Have you seen any examples of the “because you can, doesn’t mean you should” marketing technique?  Share, please!


Craig E. Yaris
Chief Strategist, Owner
Social Ribbit
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