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Keeping it Simple

November Email Newsletter.jpgFor the past two months, I have REALLY simplified my main monthly newsletter.  I basically include two things now - a very short video and a list of my events. The subject line is a short question.  


This meets my goals for email marketing.  I want people to stay connected to me and to know where my networking and speaking events are in town.  Making sure you have a goal for each email is essential.  Do you set a goal for your emails?  Without a goal, how can you measure your success? 


The video's are short!  Each is less than two minutes.  I thought I could make it one minute, but that was too condensed.  I tell my readers that the video is less than two minutes so they know I am not going to take up much of their day.  The video is a very engaging way to let your subscribers get to know you more.  My click through rate on these is very good.  


To grow my business, I do presentations and I network.  I include a list of both my speaking engagements and events I am attending I think other small businesses would like to know about.  (I just delete the Constant Contact Event registration link if it is not my event.)  I monitor which of the events are getting the most clicks on my reports.  


I love the simplicity!  And my open rates and clicks have increased.  I even got a few replies telling me "nice email".  


Do you have a smartphone?  Then you too can record a quick video telling your subscribers what is happening in your business.  (I record mine using the YouTube webcam recording tool.) Smile.  Look into the camera.  Practice what you want to say a few times so it will flow well.  Upload the video to YouTube.  Use Constant Contact to insert the link.  Write just a few introductory sentences.  BAM, your email is complete.  


Let me know if you try this and if it works for you as well as it has for me.  





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