Knowledge is Power

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Knowledge is Power


Here's a look how knowledge rules your marketing communications.


Every day, many different direct marketing projects come across my computer screens and in the mail. The copywriting usually catches my attention immediately. Next, I examine the design of the material, and note how the visuals add to enhance the copy. In this casual mode of observation, the impact of either element is what catches my eye immediately, and sometimes, what I hear.



Impact is required in order to keep me reading or assessing the visuals. For example, this nicely painted wall, is just that. It’s about as exciting as watching the paint dry. Without IMPACT, marketing is dull and less responsive.



However, when a person’s fist ruptures the wall, it does get attention. The sense of feeling is a nice added touch. Most people can envision the face of the fist puncher, which is more than likely in a dire look of pain.




Now look at the added word “IMPACT.” In this case the designer used the font Impact in all caps. In the internet world, we all know when words are capitalized, it means a person is shouting and probably angry at something or someone. A good marketing IMPACT.


Blood and torn flesh come to mind at first glance. The red color of the font and the exclamation point are both added for IMPACT.


The color red is a logical choice for a click-through button. Red has a meaning of stop and go to a landing page. Which red color has more IMPACT, this picture or the previous? And what’s the 1.2.3. mean? Just to make sure you look for four below.


It may look or sound easy…


A lot of work is involved when it comes to generating an IMPACT statement in direct marketing. It’s wise to create more than one measure of impact. Then test your ideas with existing customers, in social media and even compare it with your competition’s marketing. A company whose marketing you admire is another good choice.


During the recent Thanksgiving Holiday, many companies used Black Friday and Cyber Monday as an IMPACT point for their products. In my opinion, these two days were all about customers getting deals and saving money. That was the IMPACT statement for early holiday shoppers. A lot of companies went along for the ride. Were they satisfied with the results?


Knowledge Rules Two-Fold


I don’t disagree with either promotional day. Saving money is a good thing. Some companies use it to reduce inventory and prepare for the next year of selling. For many retailers this is their prime time of sales for the year.


Use your marketing knowledge as a guide or principle for behavior and action as a marketer. For example, it takes knowledge to capture data. But that is just a starting point. It takes more knowledge to analyze and understand data.


For example a few quotes from a variety of different digital marketers:


“Understanding your customer better isn’t as complex as you might think, but it does require a thoughtful analysis of where and how you can collect meaningful data.” Scott Gerber, CEO of Young Entrepreneur Council 

“Data driven marketing, it’s all about data, it’s all about action. Gaining a 360-degree view of customers is one of the most important marketing goals in our digital world.” MarketingDoc, CMO, Marketing Communications Group, Inc. 

 “Everyone has different customer types. Not all customers are created equal. Identify what key factor(s) set one apart from another and segment your users from one another.” Reid Carr, CEO, Red Door Interactive 


I believe, the ability to see each customer as an individual is crucial to every business’s success. But it’s not a simple task. In my opinion the biggest barrier to better marketing is the lack of good data management. It’s time and money wasted.


Knowledge keeps evolving and so should you.


Marketing never ends. Marketing is always evolving, just like your customers. Without good data management how do you keep current? You don’t. For that reason, people give up and label their marketing just good enough. Any IMPACT you had is now a whimper and eventually fails.

If you don’t want to go out on a whimper and you’d rather have consistent selling throughout, here are a few ideas you should consider.


1. Evaluate your marketing.


Every year, advances in technology have had an impact on what you can and how you sell your product(s). In case you haven't noticed, the speed accelerates a bit more each year. 

For example, our mcg-Marketing eVal will take a lot of the guess work out of your marketing. We look at the “Big Marketing” picture – from your strategy on down to the marketing tactics. Priced especially for the small business.


2. Extract knowledge from your customer data.


I mentioned data above. I do it again because poor or no data policy from management is the major reason for marketing failure. Using poor data and hoping the next time you market to people on the contact list to get better results, is ludicrous.

Look at your data recorded from customer surveys, the research of your competitive marketplace, and employee customer service reports for ideas on how to tackle building your IMPACT statement(s).


3. Share the findings with all your employees.

Sharing knowledge is a tangible and valuable research tool. When employees have a say in marketing when communicating with customers, the reward is happier customers and employees. Utilizing it effectively provides a valuable marketing advantage.


ThePunch4Impact.jpg4. Share with your customers.

Sharing the value of information your company marketing possesses and sharing marketing’s capability with your customers, increases their satisfaction level.


If you are a small business, add the power of your knowledge to the reasons why people do business with you. You will probably find the right IMPACT statement you were looking for.


Thanks for reading and please share. Have a wonderful and rewarding 2016.





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Re: Knowledge is Power

Great advices. I have a small business and I am just starting but I am always reading books or posts like this to improve my estrategies such fast as I can.

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Re: Knowledge is Power

Thank you buscar. The 4 points in the post are very critical, but none more important than the data you capture. Being a new business, you'll find info about your customers that can be used to attract more business. Don't be afraid of testing ideas. It helps you gain a bigger picture of what your customers want and need. Here's a link to an article on data you will find useful.

Have a wonderful New Year!


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