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Learn Fast and Meet Great People on Twitter with Tweet Chats

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Learn Fast and Meet Great People on Twitter with Tweet Chats

SpeedingCar.jpgYesterday I was hanging out on Twitter with no specific purpose in mind. It’s how I surf the web. Just riding the stream and looking for interesting tweets. Then, I came across a tweet with the hashtag #blogchat.


I immediately recognized it as a Tweet Chat. So, I went up to my search bar and entered in the term #blogchat to start the scrolling tweets from the chat. If you’ve never participated in a Tweet Chat before then you don’t know what you’re missing.



It’s like driving in the fast lane on Twitter with a group.


Let’s face it, Twitter can be one of the noisiest and loneliest places on the net. It’s a paradox. Although there are so many people there it can often seem like nobody’s listening. Along came the Tweet Chat.


With Tweet Chats a group of people dedicate an hour to either focused discussion with actual questions and answers or a free flowing discussion simply focused on the general topic. In the case of #blogchat it’s mostly about blogging.


There’s also #MMchat, which is Marketer Monday. Lots of smart marketers get on Twitter to hash out (pun intended) discussions on this tool, that tactic and trends. This chat’s so dialed in that they have special guests and offer transcripts online


#getrealchat has been going for two years and #dadchat recently reached what may be a world record for the number of impressions created in a 48-hour period on Twitter. It's written about here.


In the half an hour or so I spent on the #blogchat I had several interesting conversations and met new people that I’m now following and have followed me. I also found a person to refer to another person on Twitter as I thought the two of them should know each other.


I also discovered that you can use Tweet Chats to sell. That’s right! Anytime you get a lot of people together you just might have a selling opportunity on your hands. During the #blogchat a leader of the group mentioned that something special was coming in 5 minutes. After that he tweeted the below.


Blogchat Sales Tweet.jpg


This is one way to get an ROI out of the major effort that goes in to leading a weekly Tweet Chat. The other way is to build up a network of like minded people and reinforce relationships for future opportunities to share, support and benefit. Lastly, you can learn a lot as I did in just a few short minutes.


If you’re starting to think that Tweet Chats may be to Twitter what active groups are to LinkedIn, you’re on the right track. Engagement, relationships, learning, promotion, consistency. It’s all there.


Let me know if you have had experiences with Tweet Chats that you’d like to share. I’m also here to answer questions you might have.



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Re: Learn Fast and Meet Great People on Twitter with Tweet Chats

Great post, Mike! Thanks for sharing with us!


When we hold TweetChats or Twitter Chats here, we use  That automatically adds your hashtag to the end of every tweet so you don't have to do it each time and keeps everything nice and in one window.


Check it out! It definitely helps save time!


Marissa R


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Re: Learn Fast and Meet Great People on Twitter with Tweet Chats

This option has proved very helpful to me

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Re: Learn Fast and Meet Great People on Twitter with Tweet Chats

I think this might be the answer to the question I asked earlier.  Reading articles a bit @ a time.  This spells it out very clearly, but will follow instructions to wait till next class before doing this, as additional information & guidance might come in handy!