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Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

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Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

Hi Rob, I have a question regarding compliance. I have been building a list of prospective clients for a while now using publicly available data. I am curious about any Constant Contact policies regarding sending email blasts to lists made up from email addresses that did not sign up to be marketed to. Since I technically do not have their "permission" to market to them I want to make sure I am not violating any rules or regulations by doing so. 

CTCT Employee

Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

Hello @MikeM8339. Thanks for the question!


Unfortunately, Constant Contact has a strict "permission based" policy.  We do not allow the use of contacts collected from any 3rd party source (including publicly available data). 


The reason for this is when someone receives an email that they don't remember signing up for, there is a high probability of them marking it as spam (or filing some other form of complaint).  These in turn have an impact on Constant Contact's sending reputation, which affects anyone using our service.


For more specific details on our permission policy, you can click here.


*I'd also recommend that you refrain sending to a non-permission based list outside of our service too, as your own sending/domain reputation could be at risk*


Hope this helps!




Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

Hello Robb,

I've noticed that some of the newly "bounced/suspended" contacts are contacts that had been receiving and opening the emails prior to the last sent campaign. Once they are marked as bounced - does that mean email sending attempts have stopped? And because of this say there was some temporary error but the emails are good now, would it become un-bounced?

I'm stuck between keeping some of these contacts and removing them, but I'm especially surprised by emails that bounce for people I know are still active and their open/click history shows that.


Thank you!

Tamara M.

CTCT Employee

Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

Thanks for asking Tamara!


Just to go into a bit more detail as to how "Suspended" Addresses work, here is the process:


--If an email address bounces as Non-Existent for the first time within any Constant Contact account, it is put on a temporary 15 day hold.  During this time, the address will show as Suspended if it is sent to.


--After that 15 day period, we remove the hold.  If it does not bounce again, then that's it.  Mail will continue to be delivered normally. 


--If it does bounce again, it will become permanently Suspended


We do this because temporary issues do sometimes happen, so we give it that 15 days for whatever the issue that caused the incorrect bounce to be resolved.  But if it keeps bounces as Non-Existent, we can be relatively sure it's no longer valid. 


**Please note that this only applies to Non-Existent bounces.  The rest of the bounce types do not become Suspended and will continue to be sent to unless removed.  For details on all bounce types and suggested actions, I recommend this article.


I hope this clarifies things a bit.  There are times where valid email addresses can bounce for a variety of reasons.  For some more personalized help, I'd recommend reaching out to our Delivery team at 866-433-8499. They have some troubleshooting techniques that may help!


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Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto


Will it be a good idea to do this:

I have been tracking people who clicked the links in the mails and created a new group. I have been cultivating it for a few months. I was planning to remove everybody from my mailing list who is not active with my emails (most people who open them also click links). 


Is this a good idea?



CTCT Employee

Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

Hello @Rev.FernandoA, thanks for the question!


Yes, I think that is a great idea!  Focusing on those who are truly interested in your emails is definitely a best practice. After all, if they aren't opening your emails, what is the point? 


If you want to simply delete those who aren't engaged, that's totally fine, but something you could do to maximize the number of subscribers you have is send those who aren't opening/clicking a Confirm Opt-In email.


Here is how I recommend doing that.  First, segmenting the list of your engaged contacts from the contacts who are not opening/clicking so there is no overlap.  Then send your normal content to the two lists separately once or twice to compare performance.


Then, once you're ready.  Send a campaign only to those who aren't opening letting them know that you're next email will be asking them to confirm their subscription (this can either be it's own email, or a blurb at the top of your regular emails).  Give that a week or so, then send the confirm opt-in to the list of non-opens according to the instructions in the link above. 


Sending confirm opt-in email with take the contacts in that list and put them in a special status called Awaiting Confirmation.  Contacts in this state can not be sent to or re-uploaded (and they do not count towards your billing) so make sure you only send it to those who aren't engaged.  The confirmed opt-in email itself contains a special link that allows the contacts to add themselves back to the list. 


By doing this, you remove all the addresses who are not opening, but still give them the chance to opt themselves back in if they choose to.


I hope this extra information is helpful! Again, this extra work is totally your choice, I just wanted to make sure you knew your options,

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Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

It does indeed!

I had some of your ideas (such as sending the Opt-in, etc.), but you gave me a few new ones.

Thanks a ton :smileyface:

CTCT Employee

Re: LIVE THREAD - Let’s Talk Compliance: A Week With Robb Pizzuto

Well everyone, that just about wraps up our Q&A session!  Thanks again to Nick and the Community team for giving me this opportunity, and a big thanks to all who sent in their questions. 


If you didn't get the chance to ask a question, most answers can be found in our Knowledge Base.  For anything else, our Account Review team is a great resource for all things Compliance/Delivery.


Happy sending!