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Leverage Your Personal Facebook Page to Grow Your Business!!

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Leverage Your Personal Facebook Page to Grow Your Business!!

I am sure that by now we are all aware that it is against Facebook rules to promote a business on a personal profile, and the penalty to be paid could be devastating depending on how long you have been doing so and the number of connections you had attached to that page.


However, how many of you are aware of the techniques that can be employed on a personal profile to increase the exposure of your business page?


 I am not ashamed to admit that up until today , I have been totally in the dark with regard to this and as a result, am more than happy to share my new found knowledge with you via a  recent article on



Here are the most fascinating tips (in my opinion):


  • Set up Facebook Custom Lists


facebook lists



  • Send a Facebook gift to a client/customer
  • Leave a Facebook voice message

facebook voice message


  • Use Graph search to connect with industry influencers

graph search


You can read the entire article here!

Petia A. Bradshaw, MBA