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LinkedIn Company Pages: The New Frontier

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LinkedIn Company Pages: The New Frontier

New Frontier

If you own a company and want to present it in social media, there are numerous options. I believe a Company Page on LinkedIn should be on the short list. This is because of new features that have been added and the fact that your posts won’t be filtered as with Facebook nor are they likely to get lost in the shuffle as with Twitter.


Yes, LinkedIn Company Pages just may hit the sweet spot between visibility and usability. It’s a new frontier in corporate messaging.

First off, to start a Company Page you must have an email address that matches the name of the company, i.e., And you cannot start a Company Page for a franchise. The franchisor needs to do that.


So, as long as you own an independent company and have email that matches the company name you should be good to go. To get started you click on Companies in the tab section at the top of your Profile. Then, once you’re on the main Companies Page click on Add a Company in the upper right of your screen. To learn more click here to go to LinkedIn’s Help page on the topic. 


LinkedIn Companies Main page.jpg



Next you’ll add information to your Overview tab, then the Products tab. This is really important because there currently are only a few sections to a Company page. Add your key products here, then ask satisfied past customers to Recommend them. This is a great way to establish social proof in a compelling way.


If you have jobs to offer, then you can add information to your Careers tab. And that’s about it. LinkedIn will add data to your Insights tab. Viewers will see information on the company network and how it relates to their connections while you’ll get data on the people connected to your page.


Now that you have your page set up, start posting updates to your followers. Wait, you don’t have any followers? Doh! I guess you’d better tell people you have a company page. You can actually get a Follow button to place on your website to let people know. Here’s a link to information on that. 


You could also put a link to your page in your email signature. It should be


This same link could be added to your Profile and to those of your employees as well as on your business card.

Lastly, if you have a newsletter, let your subscribers know you have a page.


The last thing to know about your company page is that you can create audience segments and establish separate product pages for your different segments and you can even send updates to specific segments. For example, if I coach people in sales and strategic planning, I could create two segments along those lines and only send articles on sales to that respective segment.


Now you must have a minimum of 100 Company followers to use the targeted updates feature. You can learn more about this feature by clicking here


To create separate product pages for different segments you should first watch the video that can be found here


You’ll probably need to watch this video a few times to fully get it. And there you have it, a short guided tour through the new frontier of LinkedIn’s smart and highly valuable Company Page feature. Let me know if you have a page by sharing a link in the Comments below. I’d love to see what you’ve put together. 



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