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LinkedIn Now Shows You Who Has Viewed Your Updates

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LinkedIn Now Shows You Who Has Viewed Your Updates



I noticed the other day after I had shared our Community Newsletter to my LinkedIn profile that LinkedIn was telling me how many people saw it.  I thought that was really cool. Then I updated last week that I was hitting my 5 years here at Constant Contact on Sunday the 23rd of June and now it tells me:

LinkedIn updates.JPG


The outer circles display my 2nd and 3rd connections.  It also advises me how I can be seen by those connections if my 1st level connections comment, like, and share my updates. states that this information is for the past 14 days and not everyone is thrilled about seeing this information. But for me, I love it. 


What do you think?


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Re: LinkedIn Now Shows You Who Has Viewed Your Updates

Linkedin is indeed cool.It not only tells you all who have viewed your updates but also helps in you work.Like I work a lot on linkedin and find people I want to connect with online and in person.I spend about half an hour to fortyfive minutes everyday on linkedin,and find 15 to 20 people to meetup with on a weekly basis in person...

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Re: LinkedIn Now Shows You Who Has Viewed Your Updates

It's always valuable to know who is visiting your profiles on social media sites. LinkedIn is separating themselves from the crowd by offering this feature. If you have a free basic profile, the amount of information you will see will be limited. On the upgraded profiles, there is much more information available. 


Being able to see exactly who has visited your profile can be helpful in evaluating whether you are attracting the type of prospect you seek, and after reading their profiles, give you an idea of how to personalize your contact to them. 




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