LinkedIn's Volunteer Marketplace

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LinkedIn's Volunteer Marketplace

Attention all Nonprofits! Did you know that LinkedIn has a Volunteer Marketplace? Business2Community shared an article today "Where (or How) Do Nonprofits and Volunteers Meet on LinkedIn?" and I am intrigued!  According to Lindsey Stemann, this Volunteer Marketplace was created in 2014. You can set up Volunteer opportunities in LinkedIn so that people find you! If it's normally hard to track down volunteers for your nonprofit, get in this Marketplace now! I know sometimes I wish I knew who was in need of volunteers and now all I have to do is log into my LinkedIn account.


How does your Nonprofit find volunteers? Will this new(ish) Marketplace help you out? What works for you?


Click on the picture below to check out the site and get your nonprofit on there to start getting the volunteers in!


LinkedIn Marketplace.png

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