Linkedin Users' Most Common Mistake

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Linkedin Users' Most Common Mistake

You're probably on Linkedin. Most business professional are. But are you also guilty of Linkedin users most common mistake? Can you guess what it is? Not using a professional looking photo? no, that's not it. Using Linkedin the same way you use Facebook? No, that's not it either. It's mis-using the professional headline!

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Are you guilty? Do you make the most common mistake there is on Linkedin? Do you have your job title (or something similar) in the professional headline field? If you aren't sure where the professional headline field is, it's the field immediately following your name. OK, so it's not the end of the world... but it could be the end of showing up in the search of someone who's looking for a career professional who does what you do.

It's time to think of the professional headline differently. It is not where your job title goes — it belongs in your employment history section. Think of it this way, the professional headline is where you put a description of you that someone might search for. Try thinking of it as a Google® search box. For example, if you're an advertising sales rep for a group of regional publications, rather that putting Account Executive, try something like: Print and Digital Advertising Sales Specialist.

So, before you check your e-mail, or do your next task, take a couple of minutes to evaluate and re-write what's in your Linkedin professional headline field. You'll be glad you did!

Anne-Marie Farrow
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