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List Building Starter Kit

CTCT Employee

List Building Starter Kit

On Monday, I wrote about how to collect contacts in person and online.  And on Wednesday, I followed up with a piece on .  Now I'd like to give you our List Building Starter Kit.


*Are you using any of our tools to collect your contacts?

*What is working for you?

*Is there anything that you need that would help your business grow?


Share your experiences with us here!


Here's our list building starter kit: it's a treasure trove of tips, tools, and apps for adding contacts easily, anywhere. These are the resources that help you grow the kind of quality list that means better business.


Tools and Apps


  • Join My Mailing List (JMML) - This free tool allows contacts to join your list2 right from your website or newsletter.
  • JMML for Facebook - The Join My Mailing List app for Facebook3 lets you install a tab on Facebook Fan Pages--visitors interested in subscribing to your mailing lists can sign up directly from Facebook.
  • Text-to-Join- Build your list anytime, anywhere on any mobile device, for free. Just sign up4 and reserve your own personal keyword, then share it everywhere.
  • Quickview for iPhone--If you have an iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ our free QuickView5 app lets you collect new contacts at networking events, seminars, and anywhere else.
  • Contact Capture Tool - Use our desktop tool6 to sign people up right at your front desk or checkout area.
  • Contact Management App Smorgasbord — Make uploading and syncing your contacts a breeze with all our contact management apps7.