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Looking for designer to update my webstie


Looking for designer to update my webstie

Hi, my name is Sherri and I have a perfume business, Sebastian Signs fragrances. I'm looking to update my website to basically look the same but be larger in size and include a few extra pages. Also, would like to have it 'cleaned up' as far as font and margins on the texts blocks goes. here's the website: If interested, please feel free to contact me at or thanks!

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Re: Looking for designer to update my webstie

Hi Sherri,


You should check out our MarketPlace. It's a great resource and you should be able to find someone to help!




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Re: Looking for designer to update my webstie

Hi Sherry,


If you are still looking for someone to update your website, I can help!  Send me an email at and we can discuss details! :)



Monica Green

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Re: Looking for designer to update my webstie

I would suggest to be prepared with an outline or written plan  when you meet with your potential re-designer.

To begin with, perhaps the following questions can assis to best meet your needs net:

1. What is the purpose of your web site? For example:

    a.  A Simple site that contains basic information and a brief introduction to your company
    b.  An educational and informational website that gives you an outlet to express your views, educate your
            customers and give more detailed information about your company
    c.  A site that entertains and amuses and provides only limited information about you and your company
    d.  A social network site for the purpose of connecting your customers to each other
    e.  An online store to mirror the brick and mortar store you already have
    f.  An ecommerce site selling your products as well as affiliate links
    g.  A membership only site with secure log ins and passwords
    h.  A marketing site for the purposes of promotion other peoples product or services

2. To help you narrow down the goals of your website, which of the following would you like your website to do for you?

     ●   Educate the public on my field of expertise with content and articles
     ●   Keep up with my competition
     ●   Conduct online webinars
     ●   Conduct online surveys and poll
     ●   Sell my products
     ●   Create an income from affiliates
     ●   Provide general and/or product information
     ●   Keep up with the changing times
     ●   Build customer loyalty
     ●   Make announcements
     ●   Brand my business in my field
     ●   Develop a list of qualified prospects
     ●   Build my opt in mailing list
     ●   Encourage clients/customers to contact me
     ●   Make money
     ●   Create an online networking environment
     ●   Make my presence known on the web
     ●   Other __________________________________


 Most of these answers should be derived from your business or marketing plan.

1. What are your top 3 short term goals of your website?

By Date __________  Goal __________________________________________________________

2. What are your top 3 long term goals of your website?

Benchmark _____________________ Goal ____________________________________________

3. How will you measure (ROI) the effectiveness of your website in meeting these goals? Will it be graded on the number of visitors, new customers, products sold, revenue produced?  

4. Write a short, clear and concise description of your business: what you offer, to whom you offer it and why they should choose you. What exactly does your company do? What are the features and benefits of your products and/or services? What is your geographic focus: Do you want to only appeal to customers locally; or do you want to international exposure and appeal?

5. The layout, colors, style and information that will be seen on your website should be based on the characteristics of your target customer base. Who is your target market? Be specific.

6. What is your marketing strategy plan for your website? How does this fit into your overall marketing plan?

7. Do you have design elements in mind that portray your goals and your image as you see yourself, and how you want your visitors to perceive you?

8. Do you have a Logo? Will you be using this same logo throughout your website, or do you have product logos as well? Are your company colors and your product colors consistent? What are your color choices?

9. Do you have a slogan or catch phrase for your business?

10. What is the most important message you wish to convey to your visitors? 

11. If you want an e-commerce site, what type of e-commerce solution do you have in mind?

    ■  Non-interactive. Visitors must print or phone order in. 
    ■  Single order form with secure automated payment processing, confirmation email to customer and purchase  alert to you
    ■  Multi-page secure order form with shopping cart, automated payment processing, confirmation email to  customer and purchase alert to you. Visitors can pick multiple products while continuing to shop your site;  options for visitors to change their order, preview order and submit on-line. Product or service ordered can be sent in an e-mail or downloaded via FTP from a secure page on your server
    ■  Full e-commerce shopping cart with automated real time credit card processing, integrated with backend database. 
    ■  What are your payment options?
    ■  Will type of security do you need for your web pages?
    ■  What is your customer service policy?
    ■  How many total products do you plan of offering? Will this increase or decrease over time?

12. How often do you foresee your site needing updates and additions?  

13. Do you conduct business in other ways (direct mail, brick and mortar, conferences) that you need to advertise or incorporate into your website?

14. What are 3 of your favorite websites (other than your own). And what do you like and dislike about each of these

15. What makes you unique and different than your competition? What do you offer that is not offered elsewhere? Why should someone use your site or purchase from you instead of someone else?

16. Make a list of 10 words that describe you.

17.Make a list of 10 words that describe your business.  

18. Make a list of 10 words that describe each of your products.

19. What type of information do you want to gather from the visitors to your site, ie::

    ○ Survey and polls
    ○ Webinar, workshop, teleclass sign ups
    ○ Email for opt in e-zine and announcements
    ○ Browser and computer stats
    ○ Location
    ○ Other ____________________

20. What domains do you currently own?

21. Where is your website currently hosted? What specific services do you require from a web host?

22. What types of graphic files will you be providing. What types of custom graphics do you foresee needing to be created for your website?

23. How much content will you be providing. How much content will you rely upon us to create?

With this information your designer can work with you to create a web site that is unique to you and your business and focused on your goals.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,


Sumner M. Davenport

Puzzle Master, Solutions Consultant
Specialist Web Accessibility
Solutions & Support for the solopreneurs; small and mid-sized companies.
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One Size does NOT fit all.
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Re: Looking for designer to update my webstie

Try Cheri at


I have just started using her to update our website.

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Re: Looking for designer to update my webstie



If you haven't yet found a company to help you with your website please give me a call. I would love to discuss your vision and get you to where you would like to be. We are a Solutions group that not only does software development but also perform professional services.


You can reach me at the following:










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Re: Looking for designer to update my webstie

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