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Looking for responses… all in the right places!

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Looking for responses… all in the right places!

Aha moments are good, but sometimes the brain is taken over by cramps and worse yet, a freeze.

You may wait a long time for that “Aha moment.” In the meantime, something else may even freeze over.

Marketing is one of those occupations causing a normal person like you or me to suffer from cramping or even freezing of the cranium. A frozen cranium can be disastrous and worse yet, make one look for a new occupation.
There is a cure for this malady that I am willing to share with you. Here’s the cure.

I digest a massive flow of information that we all experience on a daily basis and use it to thaw out my gray matter. In fact, this portion of the brain is known as lib matter, posterior lobe–creative abyss or what I call the "library of marketing." I found that all people in the profession of marketing have a special area in their cranium for solutions to many marketing questions. One must be able to bring it out.
If yours is missing in action, hang in there. It takes time to find the right path to lead you to yours.
How did I form this thought process I refer to as my library of marketing? By listening and learning from my customers. It’s important for a marketing person to always maintain an edge of having a customer focus. Your customers are always telling you what they think of your product and service.
In fact, my present research shows that you need to appeal to many new types of customers as well.
The next time you get stuck with a marketing problem, try it. Turn to your customers. When you do, the “Aha moment” is triggered by the brain. Plus, it may open the door to your library of marketing.

How to get more “Aha moments” using Customer-Centric Marketing in a small business
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