Low Price and Intrusion…

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Low Price and Intrusion…

Let’s start with the one element, low price. Being around for generations, low price is a tough one to handle when it hits your marketing and advertising activities.

Do you have to sell at a lower cost to keep the doors open? Does it feel like there is someone with a lower price? Unfortunately, there always seem to be someone with a lower price.

Oh, you have several choices. You either join the battle of lowering prices (no one ever wins this battle) or you can add more value to what you are selling – to help your customers see beyond the price tag. More on this later.

Now that I have your attention, stop simmering about the recent lost battle of low price. Instead, let’s discuss intrusion.

Recently, my wife opened Facebook to see what’s up with the children and our wide cast of many friends. As she made a few clicks, I started to hear some bad music playing in the sun room. The kind you may hear from a local garage band that left the garage door open.

She looked at me and said, “how do I stop the screeching of this **bleep** music?” Before I could answer, she left Facebook and moved on.

A few minutes later she revisited Facebook. The music started playing once again and to her complete amazement, at the same spot she left. Who’s behind this? Probably, Facebook, although that is nothing unusual, because many videos are played on Facebook.

I looked at her smart phone and we both confirmed it was an ad. This is the new media, demagogues, stealing our quality time, and bursting in with an ad. Along with Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media.

Check out Google. Type Social Media Marketing. Here’s what I got.

  • What is the best social media marketing?
  • What is the job of a social media marketer?
  • How can social media promote your products?
  • How social media can help your business.

If you think it is another nuisance it is, but you can plan on more “like” advertising as time goes on. It’s not going away. Wait until this year’s fall election.

Options for intrusion, disruptive advertising and competitor’s low prices.

I am a marketer by trade. People hire me to help them get more and better customers through marketing strategies and advertising. I work in the B2B market place. Companies in B2B have had issues about low product pricing since methuselah.

There are quite a few ways to counter low price. Instead of jumping into the nickel-and-dime battle, I recommend taking a serious look how a company can justify holding their price – or even increasing their price.

Why discuss internet advertising with a low pricing problem?

One of the greatest values is to provide education about low cost and intrusion ads appearing on the internet. Sure, there are shoppers who may pick your brain, mistreat you, and then go somewhere else to buy on price. Many though will stick with you as long-term, devoted fans.

Remember that in today’s world, the single most important tangible we have is time. Our lives are too full, too busy. Consumers want to recapture time. Spend a little more for value and service – knowing they won’t have to battle later – is a great motivating factor.

When you take responsibility for your customers well-being by calling to make sure they’ve registered for the next upgrade, making sure they’ve had their maintenance scheduled for this spring, or by going beyond the call of duty, you win the war.

Intrusion or disruptive advertising on your computer screen, i-pad, smart phone, laptop or any other device connecting with the internet, for now, is a way of our daily life. Just be very careful what you click on or agree to do.

People do not do well with intrusion in their daily life. In the past, when the cries of too much junk mail reached the tipping point, there was “DO NOT MAIL.” Too many soliciting phone calls led to “DO NOT CALL.” Advertising sent through fax machines, led to “DO NOT FAX.”


Being careful and doing due diligence regarding travels on the internet is for everyone’s benefit to stay safe. And some companies don’t care about intrusion or disruptive advertising, if they make money with internet advertising, why should they stop?

Have you ever “saved a customer’s life” by being available when no one else was? By meeting when no one else could? By being there when no one else was available? So, are they loyal? You bet! Are they your best referral source? Yes again!

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