Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara


Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

Many small business owners hear about Twitter, maybe even have signed up for an account, but still question its value for their business. While Twitter may not be the top social networking tool for every business, it may still generate valuable leads and establish relationships that are advantageous for your business. Above all else, Twitter is a great place to connect and share information with customers, prospects and leaders in your industry. 


So, if you’re wondering how Twitter can be useful for your business, take a look at the five areas below. Chances are your business could benefit from using Twitter to reach out in one or more of these ways.



What to Tweet: Current or upcoming sales and promotions, new products or services, upcoming events

Tips: Track everything you can. Use coupon codes for your sales or promotions. Use a link-shortener like to track click-throughs to your new products or services on your website.

Encourage your followers to RT or @mention you to their followers for a special offer.


Public Relations/Company Info:

What to Tweet: Company news, press releases, blog posts, press or media spotlights, behind the scenes or meet the staff, customer/client news or success stories

Tips: Mention people in your posts. If you tweet about how you helped a client or customer, @mention them in your post. Also if there are any news articles or stories about or featuring your company, @mention the newspaper or TV station where the story appeared, or the journalist who wrote the article.


Customer Service:

What to Tweet: Customer support, customer satisfaction and feedback, how-to’s, Q & A’s, product tips, FAQ’s, blog posts, helpful tips and tricks

Tips:  If a customer support issue becomes a back and forth conversation or requires specific customer information, make it private using the DM feature. This is also a great area to use content you already have. For example, share those FAQ or Product Tips on your website or the blog posts you wrote about how-to do something. It doesn’t have to be specifically about your products either. Expanding into general industry information will help you become a go-to place for support.


General Info:

What to Tweet: Industry news/articles, RT posts from industry experts, ask questions, request help/suggestions, personal info

Tips: Your tweets should reflect your company’s personality. Don’t be afraid to use your own voice. Sharing personal information or asking questions for help/suggestions can be a great way to engage with followers, but remember to use discretion.


Market/Competitor Research:

What to Tweet: Responses to any comments or tweets about your company, links to polls and surveys

Tips: Monitor conversation about your company, any competitor’s and your industry. Search for your brand/company name or product name using Twitter’s advanced search feature. ( You can set specific keywords, location/radius and language preferences to get more specific results.


The goal is to tweet interesting, relevant information that will engage your followers and expand your reach. When you post photos, videos, quotes or Q&As, you’re more likely to be retweeted or to start a conversation. And once you start networking and building relationships using Twitter, you’ll see how it can easily bring value to your business.


BONUS: Tips on how to get more followers and find others to follow!


Get More Followers:

 - Post awesome tweets and get retweeted by posting sharable content – photos, videos, links, Q&As, and quotes.

 - Add your Twitter URL and links to your page everywhere: on and off-line, in your emails and newsletters, put a tweet button on your blog posts, and add a Twitter button to your website.

 - Engage with your followers:  respond to @mentions and reply’s, promote among current clients/customers, and have conversations with others.


Follow Others:

Strategic following – who you should follow:

 - Customers/clients, staff members, colleagues in the field, vendors, distributors, relevant journalists, social influencers, keynotes/thought-leaders, and even your competitors.


How to find users to follow – Twitter tools:

 - View suggestions – based on who you follow and who follows you

 - Browse interests – categories segmented by interest

 - Find friends – search your contacts for friends already on Twitter.



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Marta Gomez Frey
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Re: Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

Hi Marta, your Twitter post is packed with great ideas! You're right that giving them relevant content is the key! You do not have to be the maker of the content... just the provider! The key to using Twitter is to really know your audience! First, you've got to make a list of all the topics they'd like to hear about. Next, find a ton of sites (news sites and blogs are good) that you can get links to Tweet... these sites will be the source of content for your followers.


Consistently Tweet 20 messages per day that will be of interest to your market. The right number of Tweets will depend on your audience. If you deviate from their interests, they will unfollow.


Over time, you'll get known as a go-to source for great content. It's important not to constantly plug your business, but maybe 1 in 50 Tweets can point your followers toward your blog or website. If you're always giving them good stuff, they won't mind seeing something promotional once in a while. Chances are they'll even like it because they've got the same interests that your business does!


A Tweet scheduler is really handy... you can line up all your Tweets the day before and be confident that they'll get spread throughout the day!

the coaching process
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Re: Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

This looks great, I sooo need to try this soon! Thanks! to know more information log on to <b><a href="">the coaching process</a></b>

business training and consulting
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Re: Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

please keep sharing of knowledges with us.Thanks a lot for your great posting.

alex jaden
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Re: Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

I heard about the twitter and facebook use in the marketing but i don't know how to use it.I have searched for long time for collecting theses information but here i get the exact solution.Thanks for the insights.
Duane Velasquez
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Re: Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

Thank you. I've been trying to how I can use Twitter. This helped me out alot. Thanks.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Make Twitter Work for Your Business By Jennifer Spara

Thank you for the help

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