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Make Your Event Marketing Stand Out with QR Codes

CTCT Employee

Make Your Event Marketing Stand Out with QR Codes

If you’re marketing an event, you’re competing for attendees’ attention, along with all of the emails, social media updates, blogs, texts, and traditional print media that comes their way.


Here’s a high-tech method you can use to stand out: try a QR code. Originally developed in Japan, the QR code (QR stands for quick response) is a block of little black and white squares that you scan with a smartphone app. Hidden in those squares is a URL. When you scan the code, your smartphone browser is taken to the website attached to the code.


Think of the QR code as a digital treasure. Marketers who are using them well are pointing people to videos, customized landing pages, special discounts or deals, and event content. In August, an event called Party-Arty: Secret Pop-Up Art Gallery in Portland, Ore., was promoted through postcards containing QR codes. The image on the right was featured in a post on the 2nd Code blog.  Attendees scanned the QR code to find out the secret time and location of the event. When people showed up, they found a gallery of framed QR codes. They scanned the codes with their smartphones and each code brought them to a digital version of a work of art.


Want to engage attendees and give them clues leading up to the event? Try a scavenger hunt. You might have seen the Starbucks QR code promotion this summer. The coffee chain partnered with Lady Gaga to create a scavenger hunt, using QR codes for the clues.


Before you get started with QR codes, make sure you do it right! Check out these five tips from Social Media Examiner on creating a successful QR code marketing campaign.

Azure Collier