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Make Your Facebook Posts Shine


Make Your Facebook Posts Shine



A simple post on Facebook is not only seen by your fans but also by their friends and fans. Your brand is instantly in front of hundreds to thousands of people free of charge. Make sure everyone sees your updates by making them interesting, rich and challenging. Quotes, articles, videos, blogs and websites are just a few things that can be used to keep your statuses interesting for your fans. shared 4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Posts Shine, check out some highlights below or by reading the full article.


  1. End with a “question”. It invites conversation from your fans and conversation is considered positive feedback.


               Example: “When I was a kid my favorite food was__________.”


  1. Make people feel good about themselves. Facebook is an escape for some so provide some “feel goods” on your page to encourage your fans to like it.


Example: “"Did you know that on this day in 1887, Anne Sullivan began teaching six-year-old Helen Keller? Press 'Like' if you think everyone who teaches six-year-olds is a “Miracle Worker” in their own way.”


  1. Free cupcakes! Facebook needs to see responses to keep sending your feed to your fans, so you need to get responses on your post.


Example: "The first 25 people to whisper 'Make my day' at [your business] will receive a free special cupcake. Press 'Like' if you love our cupcakes and tell us why!"


*Remember, Facebook discourages only asking for a “like” so ask your fans to like the page and leave a comment!


  1. Post videos, videos and links! Funny, emotional and valuable information is great for your page.


Example: “Help us get the word out! Repost this to your wall—tell your friends!”



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