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Making Connections Between Your Constant Contact Account and Your Website

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Making Connections Between Your Constant Contact Account and Your Website



Making Connections Between Your Constant Contact Account and Your Website

People ask me all the time, “Paula, how do I get people to sign up for my email list from my website?” When I give training presentations, I talk about the importance of adding a great call to action (CTA) to an email campaign. It’s easy to do within the Constant Contact email templates, but people are a bit baffled when it comes to CTAs on their websites. ListGrowthToolsOption.jpgConnecting your email lists to your website isn't as hard as you might think. I'm going to walk you through 3 steps you can take to turn your website into a list building tool.


This starts in your Constant Contact account in the List Growth Tools section.


The General Interest list is added to your account by default. It comes with a basic sign-up form ready to be used right out of the box. I like to at least preview the sign-up form and then edit it to customize how my logo and colors look, but you can use it without any extra edits if you want.





 So, what's next?

Step 1 - Simply Add a Link

This one takes the least amount of technical skill. Pick the "Form URL" option from the Actions drop-down menu and copy the link provided. This is a very flexible option for accessing your sign-up form. You can add it to existing buttons within call to action blocks, include it as a hyperlink within text on a page, or link it to your website navigation. This link does open it's own page, which takes visitors outside of your site. If you know how to set a link target, then I recommend you have it open in a new tab/window.Easiest-URL.jpg

Step 2 - Customize a Button

For this one, it helps to know a little bit of HTML coding, or at least understand how to add code to your site. Pick the "Sign-Up Button" option from the Actions drop-down menu and copy the code provided. If you don’t already have a button or call to action block in your web page options, you can create one with custom colors and button text, and copy the code for it to include on your site. Again, clicking the button will open a separate page with the form fields, that is outside your own website.




Step 3 - Include a Form Within Your Site

This one is the most involved because you need to understand how to fit the sign-up form within the structure of your website page(s). Having some website developer skills or access to someone who does will be needed. This is the best option if you want to keep site visitors within your website when they give you their information. Pick the "Embed Code" option from the Actions menu, copy the full form embed code and send to your developer. She will then fit the form within the structure of a page(s) on your site.



Want to learn about some other ways to build your email list(s)? You can check out this online help article with helpful tips for building your list.

If you have access to a developer who understands HTML and CSS, you can do a lot of fun things with your sign up forms and really customize them. There are some great plugins available for WordPress sites that add images and animations to make opt-in forms really pop. Join me next month when I get into the weeds a little bit to talk about sign-up form customization.

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