Manage and Measure is Important!

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Manage and Measure is Important!









  The content you share is where the value starts. Below are some ideas that you can implement to share an amazing campaign:

1st Content Ideas

There are various campaigns that you can run such as articles, whitepapers or discounts you can offer. They key is that you have a beginning and end for it.

Are you a writer? If so, you can share articles you have written on a specific topic. Do you have some products or services you can offer on discount for the holiday season?

2nd Measure Engagement.

The next step is to measure and see how effective your campaigns have been. How many people clicked on the link? Did they “like” and then download your book or discount offer.

3rd Review and Respond

After it’s all over, go back and review the statistics for the overall event and see what you can change or improve when your run your next campaign in the near future.

In the end, you will learn valuable information on what your network likes and how you can better market in future marketing campaigns.

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Jim Pagiamtzis
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