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Marketing-Assisted-Selling For B2B Companies

Participating Solution Provider

Marketing-Assisted-Selling For B2B Companies

To me, a B2B sales professional plays the role of a high value company asset who leads and executes a tailored selling process while also being an adept marketer and customer experience expert.  Their primary accountability includes:

  1. Managing a healthy sales funnel for continuous goal attainment
  2. Creating golden spike sales opportunities
  3. Converting customers to clients
  4. Facilitating company-to-company and peer-to-peer relationships
  5. Channeling external feedback to company leaders contributes to effective decision making


Marketing Assisted Selling Enables Optimal ROI From Your Sales Assets


  1. Analytical tools help customers determine if they have a problem worth solving.
  2. A portfolio of success stories about a challenge, solution and results is a risk reduction tool for situations where risk reduction is more important than price reduction.
  3. Pricing tools show the value of each trade-off during negotiations.
  4. Managed relationships with complementary vendors who need a "whole product" partner and who have relationships with people that can benefit from your company's solutions can be your best lead source.
  5. Self-service information, assessment templates, executive and application oriented presentations, and proposals fit for the appropriate stage of the buying process - Content must be instinctive for general conversation and more in-depth for leave behinds, downloadable PDFs, and proposal appendices.
  6. The field marketing (FM) process is involved in each stage of the buying cycle:
  • Awareness Stage: approach suspects to gain permission to send relevant, timely and expected information that continually reinforces your company and its solutions.  For each contact who is added to the CRM database, FM Associates search for additional contacts where cross-selling makes sense.  FM Associates schedule sales interviews for reps and are a consistent source of information when sales reps are unavailable.



Field Marketing Process.jpg


  • Pre-Purchase Stage: Use a marketing automation tool to nurture early stage leads. FM Associates assign sales ready leads and work with sales reps to ensure that leads are reviewed and acted upon in a timely manner.  FM Associates stay in touch by distributing relevant articles, company information and videos and conducting theme webinars.
  • Purchase Stage: FM Associates assist in presentations, proposals, site visits, etc.
  • Post-Purchase Stage: Sales reps and FM associates co-author programs to retain, cross-sell and up-sell second-tier customers (STCs) and develop STCs into key accounts. A welcome package for new customers teaches them how to do business with your company and creates a positive first impression.
John J. Bernardi