Marketing Dollars Better Spent On Customer Experience Management

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Marketing Dollars Better Spent On Customer Experience Management

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Customer Experience Management


You Will Be Much More Successful When You Create A Great Experience At Each Touch Point


If actual experiences don't live up to your promise, what good is it for you to attract attention with any form of content marketing? Instead, consider investing marketing dollars in your CEM culture rather than spending it on image promotion.


Rather than tooting your horn it's better to provide pleasant surprises at every touch point, especially if you can identify and differentiate each touch point visitor according to their needs, the value they bring to your company, and their stage in the buying process. This will enable you to tailor an individual experience based on what you know about them.


Each stage of the buying cycle has make it or break it touch points.  For example, in the pre-purchase stage your blog, social networks, website and contact center will be key factors in determining if the prospect decides to invite you to discuss a solution to their problem or opportunity.  If they enter the purchase stage, your sales rep becomes very important along with store layout, packaging and ordering process.  Once they've become a customer, you want them to return and also to refer you to others. So, in the post-purchase stage, things like ease of use, customer service, newsletter tips and loyalty programs become key "stay in touch" points.


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You'll need a process that is supported by the right marketing automation tools to make this happen. Begin with content, layout, graphics and video that capture initial attention so that people will want to begin their customer experience journey. They will move to the next logical step in the buying process as long as each prior touch point experience is positive.


By John Bernardi

John J. Bernardi
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