Marketing Infatuated?

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Marketing Infatuated?

Media-Addict.jpgIf you are a small business owner, chances are that marketing is only one of the many hats you wear on a daily basis.  This can make it difficult to focus on ALL the great marketing ideas you might want to implement.  In fact, you might find yourself consistently attracted to the same marketing activities over and over again.  Perhaps this is because you like them more, their easier for you, or they seem to be working. 


Whatever the case you have become, without realising it, “Marketing Infatuated.”

The question is what area or areas are you infatuated with?



Let's look at the different stages of marketing.




man with money.jpgKNOW

Its important clients know that you actually exist.  So without this stage of marketing you may not be increasing awareness of your company in the marketplace.  Activities that often fall in this area include advertising, search engine optimization (SEO),  strategic partnerships and PR.


Some people really enjoy hanging out in this area because they can see the results more clearly from their actions.  For instance if you're spending your time and money on advertising especially on something like Google advertising, you can see very quickly if the activity is working or not.  


The problem with spending too much time here is you can also be spending too much money without maximizing the ROI of these activities.


Infatuation Type:  ATTRACTERS




The like stage is what happens after somebody gets to know you.   They’re trying to figure out if they like what you offer and if they like you as a company. Some of the activities that you might find here include social media postings, email marketing, new content and tools around your services and your branding.


Typically people enjoy hanging out here because it gives them a chance to interact with their audience and build relationships.  Unfortunately if too much time is spent here you might find either you don’t have enough followers or that they aren’t converting to sales (or worse, both).


Infatuation Type:  LOVERS




In this stage prospects are trying to determine if you or your product are going to deliver.  People who spend time here look at ways to leverage themselves or their company as experts. Activities that you might focus on here are writing guest posts, speaking,  writing e-books, and gathering reviews.


The challenge with spending too much time here is you may not be getting those people that you speak and write to, to convert into actual engaged followers or customers


Infatuation Type:  EXPERTS





tight money.jpgThis is the stage, where we are converting a prospect to a sale through good old fashioned sales. Sometimes we have no problems getting enough people into our funnel and moving them through the like and trust stages but we have problems converting.   Business owners who spend time here like to focus on the actual conversion numbers and love tweaking elements to increase that conversion. This means they may be looking at changing headlines, wording, optimization of keywords, and calls to action. 


Too much time spent here instead of other areas could mean that while they convert a lot of sales, there just aren’t enough in the pipeline or worse, they can’t service all the new customers effectively. 


Infatuation Type:  CONVERTERS





It is easy to get caught up in the marketing, close the sale and then move on.  Marketing post purchase focuses on communicating with customers to encourage more sales and referrals.  Typical activities in this stage include customer communications, customer events, customer gifts and referral programs.  


This is a great area to focus on for maximizing the average transaction value of a client.  It also helps convert your customers into raving fans.

Too much time spent here means less time spent prospecting and that can lead to peaks and valleys in the business cycle and less potential customers in the funnel.


Infatuation Type:  NURTURERS


Diversifying your marketing activities is important to ensure that we get the biggest bang from our precious marketing dollars.    Being infatuated is okay, as long as you know you're doing so and if every now and then you take the time to branch out into other marketing stages.



What’s your marketing infatuation? 

Do you have more than one or maybe you’ve thought of a new one?  

Let me know.

Cidnee is a sought after speaker on small business marketing, online marketing and content marketing.

Her style is very warm, fun, informative and simple to digest.

She has spoken at a variety of conferences including women events, travel and tourism symposiums, trade and association conferences, municipal events, and of course marketing conferences.

Having pretty much grown up on a microphone (she started in Elementary school), Cidnee loves to inspire business owners and marketing professionals to embrace the sometimes daunting and always changing marketing strategies and tactics.

With over 20 years of marketing experience there is very little she can’t talk about and she strives to always make the talk relevant to her audience.
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