Marketing Techniques for the Holidays

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Marketing Techniques for the Holidays


Marketing during the holidays changes.  Those changes will happen differently if the business is a Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B).


Most B2B businesses have holiday breaks or times during the holidays when work slows down and people take their holiday breaks from work.  It becomes a bit harder to get in touch with people and to do much prospecting.


B2B businesses will do best by spending their marketing effort building relationships rather than directly marketing.  As a B2B use this time of year to wish your clients and prospects happy holidays.  Send a greeting card or two through email.  Although marketing slows down, don’t forget to market your business when you send the greeting card.  Here’s what I mean.  Let’s take Thanksgiving or Christmas as an example


Build your greeting card, and brand it for you and your company.  Branding does not have to be obvious or distasteful, but consider the little things that your client or prospects can identify with.  Include what day(s) you will be closed and when you will open again after the holidays. 


You want your prospects and clients to know this information.  Did you include the important stuff like your phone number.  Always, always have a call to action; call us for an appointment, send us an email, drop by, etc.  Now let’s talk a little bit about B2C.


B2C (Business to Consumer) is a different world than the B2B world.  It is much more social and is more closely tied  to us on a more personal level; our clothes, toys, food, togetherness.  Keep in mind, 20%-40% of yearly sales are usually done November-January.  If you are a B2C, this is your time to rock.  How much of that 20%-40% will you make with your business? Below are a few marketing tips to use when doing email marketing during the holidays:


  1. Include a person’s name and the company name in the “From” line
    1. They will more than likely have an email address with the business name at the end.
    2. This helps to identify the person to the company
  2. Think of catchy “Subject” lines.
    1. They don’t have to make sense, just make them catchy.
    2. Don’t use lost leaders (telling people one thing and delivering something different).
  3. Stay focused with your marketing.
    1. Don’t overwhelm readers with a “lot.”
    2. Dazzle readers with a little and give them a link to the “lot.”
    3. Be sure the little bit you share is good. Use something popular and is selling well. 


What does B2B and B2C marketing have in common?  Both types need a basic strategy to get the biggest bang for their buck.  A few minutes building a marketing strategy allows you to maximize your marketing efforts.  BUILD A STRATEGY before you start marketing.


More next month.



From my family and I we wish that your holiday celebrations be safe, happy and joyous,


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