Marketing While Traveling? Yes, You Can!

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Marketing While Traveling? Yes, You Can!

suitcase mobile.jpgTravel can play havoc with your digital marketing plan. Whether you visit clients locally, go across the country (or world) for a business meeting, or even away for vacation… how do you keep your online activity alive and kicking while you’re on the road?


A 2-prong approach can keep you covered: (1) Schedule content ahead of time and (2) monitor & post live during your travels.


In many ways, scheduling ahead of time is the easy part. Most platforms for blogging, social media and email offer scheduling tools so with a bit of planning you can prep your content, get it in the calendar, and then head on out.


To keep your social media up and running, look to tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that offer scheduling across a variety of social media platforms from one dashboard. Blog tools like Wordpress offer scheduling options; if the tool you use does not allow you to schedule posts ahead of time, you should still be able to prep the post and then just log back in to publish it at a later time.


Email programs like Constant Contact also offer advance scheduling options.  A new feature in Constant Contact now allows you to schedule social media posts related to your email for up to 7 days after the email is sent. This is a great way to get more out of one email, manage multiple channels with one tool, and expand your reach beyond your email contact list!


Hint: As you travel, keep in mind what you’ve published and when so that you can check in and follow up on any responses in a timely manner.


Staying engaged while traveling takes a bit more work. You’re busy, you’re distracted, you’re outside of your office and your own routine… and actually, this creates a fabulous opportunity to be authentic, original, and engaging!


Here are some ideas for live posting on social media while traveling:


  • Traveling far? Thank the airline and people who helped you along the way for getting you to your destination safely! Take a picture of your plane or the town you landed in and say “hello” to announce your arrival.

  • Visiting a client or catching up with someone at a business meeting? Note that you’re looking forward to seeing them and tag them in your post. (And then do this again after the event and note that it was great to meet them in person.)

  • Attending a conference? Find out if they’re using a particular hashtag and use it every time you post about the event. Post quotes from speakers, make positive observations about the event, and share what you’re learning.

  • See others posting about the same event? (Do a search on the event’s hashtag to find them.) Share their posts, reply directly and make plans to meet up. This is your opportunity to build real-life relationships with your virtual network!

  • Photo opportunity? Selfies with happy clients, other event attendees and fellow travelers make for engaging and very sharable posts! (Keep using that hashtag!)


Hint: Save time and effort on your part – and get more out of your content – by posting similar (but not identical!) material across multiple social media platforms.


So yes, traveling can cause havoc with your digital marketing schedule, but it can also present some great opportunities to be engaging and authentic as you connect with people and broaden your reach.

Suzan Czajkowski

Find me on Twitter: @The_CommCoach
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Re: Marketing While Traveling? Yes, You Can!

We LOVE Buffer and use it for all our Social Media Management clients. They're always making improvements.

Also, anytime we're out and about, we check in. Personally, I check in on Swarm when visiting clients and when I'm travelling further away, I take photos and post them on Instagram or Facebook from our business' point of view. Followers, subscribers, and clients like seeing your personality and attitude outside of the office!

I live and breathe small business marketing. Ask me about social media or digital reputation management over lunch, and we'll be there until dinner. Aside from consulting and educating business owners, my passions are martial arts, cooking, office supply collecting, and volunteering. Outside of my own community, I serve as Marketing Director for the 03XX Foundation - an organization serving Marine Corps Infantrymen and Corpsmen.
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